Dream carbon fiber boosts the trading limit of Sin

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"Dream" carbon fiber boosted the trading limit of Sinosteel Jitan and Boyun new materials

on the 26th, a shares reappeared Black Monday, and only five stocks in the two cities rose. However, the concept of new materials shines, "dream" carbon fiber promotes the daily limit of Sinosteel Jitan and Boyun new materials, which has become the biggest highlight under the weak market conditions

according to relevant information, Sinosteel Jitan and Boyun new materials belong to the subdivision leaders under the concept of carbon fiber composites. Carbon fiber is regarded by the scientific community as the most promising "dream material" in the 21st century, and even known as "black gold" in the industry. As a new material related to national strategy, carbon fiber has been given preferential treatment by the policy. Carbon fiber is listed in both the 12th Five Year Plan for new materials and the top ten projects of new materials during the 12th Five Year Plan. Carbon fiber is mainly used in aerospace equipment, automobile manufacturing and military fields. In 2010, China's demand for carbon fiber was 10000 tons, while the domestic total capacity was barely 400. The rated capacity of punching machine is 60 tons and 0 tons, and it is mainly low-end products. At present, China's import dependence on carbon fiber is as high as 83%. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, China's carbon fiber materials will maintain the growth rate of 15% - 20% of C919, the second domestic large passenger plane independently designed and developed by China after Yun (1) 0, with huge market space

Sinosteel Jilin Carbon is currently the largest comprehensive carbon product manufacturer in China. Its carbon fiber project invested in Jiangcheng has been started in 2008. The construction of phase I 500 t/a production line will be put into operation in August this year, and the construction of phase II 1500 T/a production line will be put into operation at the end of 2012. At that time, the annual production capacity of Jiangcheng carbon fiber company will reach 2000 tons, second only to Zhongfu Shenying, becoming one of the most important carbon fiber production bases in China. According to the performance forecast released by Sinosteel Jilin Carbon in the early stage, the product sales volume of the beneficiary company increased compared with the same period of last year, and the net profit and basic earnings per share in the first half of this year increased six times compared with the same period of last year

Boyun new material mainly produces and sells three categories of powder metallurgy composite products with independent intellectual property rights, including aerospace products, environmental friendly high-performance automobile brake pads and high-performance mold materials. Shenzhen fulante investment and R & D Center believes that with the launch of the national large aircraft project, Boyun new materials will catch the flight of large aircraft and realize the leap growth of performance

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