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I thought buying a dream house was a happy ending; Unexpectedly, a succession of home decoration traps shattered the dream: not only are fake and shoddy products rampant, home decoration companies lure you into the bureau at a low price, followed by East and west to figure out the sky high decoration price &hellip& hellip; Such a dilemma, perhaps many citizens may be or will be encountered, but in the face of many traps, they are also powerless to roast. I'm not a professional. I believe them all! Up to yesterday, Ms. Chen, the owner of yichuishijia on Nanhai Avenue, couldn't help but look disappointed when she remembered that the decoration of her home was still a pot of porridge. The original budget of the project was only 138000 yuan, but the decoration half way has risen to 224000 yuan. The increase of nearly 50% made her sigh. For this reason, insiders suggested that citizens should sign a contract before decoration to agree on the final increase range of the project budget. ◆ the prices of 36 items in the new budget table increased. In May last year, after the developer delivered the building, Ms. Chen began to plan the decoration. She was first approached by a decoration company located in the southeast of the community. They said that they would decorate my home as a model house without making money, so I dared to trust them to do it. Ms. Chen said that the two sides had a very harmonious talk at the beginning of the contact. The project budget is 154000 yuan. To show sincerity, the company also discounted to 138000 yuan. The company then issued a budget quotation to Ms. Chen. The reporter saw that the content included most of the material prices, labor prices, construction technology, etc. Seeing nothing wrong, Ms. Chen paid a deposit of 30000 yuan, and the construction of the new house began at the end of August last year. According to the decoration progress, Ms. Chen paid the decoration money on schedule. Two months later, she paid a total of 100000 yuan. Unexpectedly, at this time, the company suddenly submitted a new budget quotation to Ms. Chen, showing that the total price was 224000 yuan. Ms. Chen was amazed: This was more than 70000 yuan, or 50% higher than the original budget. The reporter specially compared the old and new budget tables yesterday and found that there were 98 budgets in the new budget table, 2 more than the original, and 36 prices increased at the same time. The biggest increase was the paint budget, which changed from more than 7000 yuan to 36000 yuan. ◆ budget gap due to measurement error? The reporter learned that when the new budget was submitted to Ms. Chen, most of the processes in the budget were coming to an end. This also makes Ms. Chen feel that she has been set up. With Ms. Chen's query, the reporter found the decoration company yesterday. Mr. Zhou, the person in charge of the company, confirmed the two budget sheets to the reporter. The budget was too much because there was an error in the measurement at that time. But he then added, but we are all practical construction. Ms. Chen is not satisfied with this explanation. She believes that although the other party found that many processes were far beyond the original budget in the decoration process, she never proposed to herself. They continued to decorate without my knowledge. If I knew that the budget was more than half, I would definitely not let them decorate. Ms. Chen said. In this regard, the decoration company retorted that she (Ms. Chen) often went to see it, why didn't she find it? The differences between the two sides have never been reconciled. In Ms. Chen's view, she is not a decoration professional, and it is impossible to see such a big difference between the budget and the actual construction. At present, Miss Chen has asked the decoration workers to carry out the final project, while Mr. Zhou said that if the balance was not collected, he would resort to the court. ◆ you can't just look at the total price without looking at the unit price. In the face of Ms. Chen and the decoration company, the reporter visited industry experts yesterday and learned that this situation is not an isolated case. After comparing the two contracts, Mr. He, the boss of Chancheng District craftsman Delong decoration, told reporters that our budget generally will not exceed so much. Mr. Xie, the head of another decoration company who did not want to disclose his name, said that at present, after finishing the budget, the decoration company often does not exceed 20%, and this provision is often indicated in the decoration contract, which is almost an industry practice. Liuyongsheng, deputy manager of the Engineering Department of Guangdong Zhiyi decoration company, said that citizens should not blindly measure the home decoration budget at a low price. This company costs 55000 yuan, which is expensive; That company is 50000 yuan, cheap. In fact, it is unscientific to choose decoration companies based on the total price. Liu Yongsheng said that the budget items of regular home decoration companies, each unit price will be very detailed and detailed, so citizens must not only look at the total price when consuming, but also the total number of quotation items and the unit price of each item made by the designer according to the house type map. Mr. Xie finally reminded that it is very important to sign a contract after finishing the budget and renderings of the decoration. The reporter learned that it was precisely because Ms. Chen did not sign a written contract with her on the agreed budget and actual construction funds out of her trust in the home decoration company, which directly led to the fact that both parties disagreed afterwards. ◆ tips for home decoration: if the area is measured well, the increase should be limited to the actual settlement items in the home decoration. For example, the area should be calculated personally. It must be calculated clearly before signing the contract to prevent over measurement or under reporting. It is best to write it into the contract after confirmation, because the statement based on reality is too large to be sure. The standard contract text must be selected when signing the contract. The preferential terms and the limited range of increase promised by the quotation, engineering change, design, acceptance, warranty and decoration company must be included in the contract to form a written text, which is conducive to the protection of rights afterwards




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