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How much water is there in the hardbound house

“ I pay attention to the fine decoration market, but I don't know it very well& rdquo;

during the interview, the first sentence of some insiders is often this

refined decoration buildings have sprung up, but for this market, because it covers a wide range of areas, even industry experts during the whole day of immersion are a little confused, not to mention ordinary home buyers

how deep is the water in the refined decoration market

the decoration standard is quoted very high

the actual cost is less than half

nowadays, when people mention fine decoration, many people may have two words in their minds: luxury houses. Indeed, for many ordinary people, luxury houses mean fine decoration, and fine decoration is also equivalent to luxury houses to a certain extent

in Hangzhou, with the continuous upgrading of real estate products, the standard of fine decoration itself is also rising. There are many buildings that claim their fine decoration standard is more than 5000 yuan/square meter. Some houses have even reached a surprising 10000 yuan/square meter, and the decoration cost of a house is more than 3million yuan

in this regard, Kunming Hanbo real estate marketing agency conducted an investigation some time ago. The results showed that the decoration standard of the projects currently on sale in Kunming was basically 4000— Within the range of 6000 yuan/square meter, the ratio of decoration and price is mainly 11%— 17%, with an average of about 15%

what does such a fine decoration standard mean to ordinary home buyers? If the standard is 4000 yuan/square meter, the decoration cost of a 90 square meter apartment will be 360000 yuan. Of course, this often does not include beds, sofas, televisions and other movable furniture and appliances. For the general working class, it is really difficult to bear

in order to attract home buyers, some developers will write in the building book that the alternative brands of decoration materials such as kitchen and bathroom, sanitary ware, lamps and lanterns are available, but insiders say that the cost of goods taken by developers is very low, which is so low that outsiders simply cannot think of it. For example, wholesale brand pipelines can get a 30% discount; Wholesale Sanitary Ware can get 40% discount; Floor manufacturers usually give developers a discount of 40% to 50% of the market price

Miss Wang from Kunming told reporters: “ Take an imported toilet as an example. Some developers mark 15000 yuan on the cost list, but sometimes the purchase price is often only about 3000 yuan. When a neighbor of mine was decorating his house, he took several such luxury toilets through the internal relations of a well-known developer& rdquo;

the brands look similar, but the models differ a lot.

another noteworthy phenomenon is that some fine decoration brands have high-end standards, but some developers use low-end goods of high-end brands in the actual use process. A developer said that the same switch panel, you may not feel anything just looking at it, but in fact, the price varies a lot. For example, one is only 350 yuan, the other is 500 yuan, and the cost alone is about 50%. But these ordinary home buyers can't see it

“ No matter how high-end brands are, they will also launch medium and low-end products, which are very cheap. Why is it that most of the decoration lists given by some developers to the owners only mark the brand instead of the model? Marking something so cheap is equivalent to telling the owners that the actual price of decoration is inconsistent with the price in the contract& rdquo; He said

from paint, wallpaper, to bathroom and faucet, which model to use, domestic or imported, there is too much knowledge and difference

China's hardbound housing market started relatively late. Compared with foreign hardbound housing with a market share of more than 70%, domestic hardbound housing is just emerging. At this stage, the market is characterized by the lack of strict industry standards and industry integrity and self-discipline, and the lack of authoritative supervision institutions to check the decoration materials and quality

the relevant person in charge of Kunming Consumer Association revealed that the number of hardbound houses in Hangzhou real estate market is increasing day by day. However, in direct proportion to the number, the complaint rate is increasing day by day. Consumer complaints mainly focus on the lack of legal and contractual protection of hardbound houses, inadequate fine decoration, poor quality of furniture boards, and imperfect after-sales service

the Consumer Association reminds consumers that when purchasing a hardbound house, they should first carefully understand the proportion of the house price to the decoration price in the total price of the house. Secondly, when signing the house purchase contract, we should try to clarify the decoration projects and standards, and make detailed agreements on the brand, grade and specification of materials

some insiders believe that the hardbound housing market lacks strict industry standards and industry integrity and self-discipline, and there is a lack of authoritative supervision institutions to check the decoration materials and quality. In addition, the inspection of hardbound houses is completely different from that of rough houses. At present, there is a lack of inspection standards for hardbound houses. Consumers simply inspect houses according to the contract, lacking the basis for scientific judgment. Therefore, housing prices should be transparent, and decoration should be more transparent

the model house is very beautiful, and the hidden project is very poor.

according to the statistics of the decoration materials used by Hangzhou Hanbo real estate marketing agency for the floors of 30 apartment fine decoration projects, 60% of the project floors are decorated with solid wood composite floors. In the decoration style of the kitchen, there are mainly three kinds, European style, pastoral style and modern style, accounting for 43.3%, 30% and 26.67% respectively, According to the survey and statistics of the overall kitchen brands of buildings with fine decoration standards of more than 4000 yuan/square meter, the German overall kitchen brands are mainly used, while the elevators generally use Mitsubishi and Hitachi elevators in Japan

such configurations, coupled with the designer's highly creative soft decoration accessories, immediately make the finely decorated model room bright and beautiful. Many emotional property buyers placed orders here

but in fact, there may be differences between the model house and the final product. For a fine decoration product to be delivered to property buyers, developers also need to have a grasp of the construction process and the ability to control the on-site construction quality. After all, it is easy to do a good job of a model house, but it is not easy to do a good job of the whole building. Therefore, it is better to choose the houses of experienced brand developers when choosing fine decoration real estate

in this regard, a senior person who has been engaged in the fine decoration industry for many years said that the fine decoration should also consider some hidden projects, such as water pipes, which are easy to be ignored, but once there is a problem, it is very troublesome. Another example is the seemingly simple ceiling, which is also likely to crack after several years of use. It is necessary to reinforce the four corners of the ceiling, which requires developers not only to have this awareness and experience, but also to be willing to invest

the decoration style is very luxurious, and the practicality is not strong

maybe the products are different, but at present, the hardbound houses have fallen into homogenization in marketing “ Strange circle ” Trends

from the brands used, designers to the style of model houses, many fine decoration buildings in Hangzhou seem to be moving into a unified pattern, especially the products of individual brands, from the facade to the interior decoration style, even in different building areas “ Neat and uniform &rdquo& ldquo; In the past, when buying a house with fine decoration, I was worried that everyone in a real estate had the same decoration, and there was no personalization. Now even different developers with different real estate that couldn't be hit by eight sticks said the same thing& rdquo; A hardbound house buyer said

now, some brand real estate enterprises are also aware of these problems, and believe that market segmentation and personalized standards will become the next market development trend

according to senior insiders in Kunming real estate market, good refined decoration residential goods must pay attention to functionality and practicality. This requires the simultaneous consideration of fine decoration design and architectural design, or the intervention before architectural design, which can enable the builder to think more about the use and treatment of space, avoid functional dead ends, and better improve when problems are found




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