Several ways of ignition for gas stoves

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Gas stoves are one of the kitchen appliances used in family kitchens every day, so their energy-saving safety has been widely concerned. The gas stoves with large firepower and energy-saving safety have become the pursuit of family kitchens. But many people have no way to choose gas stoves, and they don't even know what kinds of lighting methods there are for gas stoves. Next, let's ask Cohen Xiaobian to introduce you several ways of lighting gas stoves

generally, there are two ignition methods for domestic gas stoves: electronic pulse ignition and piezoelectric ceramic ignition

electronic pulse ignition is widely used in embedded gas stoves. Working principle of electronic pulse ignition mode: gas transmission pipe → through hole of valve body → gas valve core → solenoid valve → ejector pipe → nozzle (mixed with air at the first time) → furnace head → damper → fire cover (mixed with air at the second time), and extinguish in case of fire. This kind of gas stoves use dry batteries as the power supply, which is very simple, convenient, reliable and stable. Just press the power button, a series of electric sparks can be generated, and the ignition rate can reach 100%. But in this way, the battery needs to be replaced

the biggest advantage of the ignition method of piezoelectric ceramic gas stove is that it does not need batteries, but it is difficult to ignite natural gas and biogas. The success rate of ignition is also related to the environmental humidity, which is not easy to ignite when the humidity is high. In addition, the ignition time needs to press and hold the switch to start the ignition, which is not as fast as electronic pulse ignition. This is because the igniter only produces an electric spark every time it fires. Therefore, people's demand for the ignition mode of their gas stoves has the most direct relationship with their application habits

here, Cohen Xiaobian reminds you that the best way to ignite gas stoves is to choose pulse ignited domestic gas stoves. Because pulse ignited domestic gas stoves have high ignition rate, good safety, high stability and low noise. Well, if you know the above basic knowledge, you can buy it with confidence





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