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Baidu Silicon Valley is trying to dig people to get involved in the robot industry

previously, Google acquired a number of robot companies, and Baidu in China has also started to attract talents to develop artificial intelligence. The father of Google brain joins Baidu! After nearly a month, the aftershocks brought by this news are still spreading across the Silicon Valley technology circle on the other side of the ocean. On May 16, baidu announced the appointment of Wu Enda as Baidu's chief scientist to take full charge of Baidu Research Institute. This will set off another upsurge of artificial intelligence in the Internet industry. As a domestic peer, zhouzhihua, a machine learning expert at Nanjing University, said excitedly

it took only 10 days to dig up people in Silicon Valley. I immediately thought, if people all over the world were free to choose, who would I let sit in this position? It doesn't hide the ambition of chasing technology giants, which is the employment principle of Baidu chairman Robin Lee. On May 16, with Wu Enda officially joining Baidu, the helmsman of Baidu, who is fond of it and claims to be half an it otaku, quietly redraws a hook on his real-time updated talent directory

who is wuenda

this name is unfamiliar to domestic users, but it is a resounding halo figure on the other side of the ocean and in the global scientific and technological community. He has many titles. As a scholar, he is an associate professor of computer science and electronic engineering at Stanford University and director of the artificial intelligence laboratory; As an entrepreneur, he is the co-founder of coursera, an education platform; It is particularly important to turn on the mixer to heat the medium evenly. He once founded and led the deep learning team of Google and started the famous Google brain project. He is known as the father of Google brain and Professor X behind Google brain. Together with geoffreyhinton of the University of Toronto and yannlecun of New York University, they are known as the three experts of artificial intelligence

although he has always cooperated with technology companies such as Google, wuenda has never really joined any of them. In March this year, when he disclosed to his friends that he wanted to enter the industry, he didn't need to publish any resume. This news was quickly learned by Google, Facebook and other Internet giants. Baidu is one of them

we are not the highest bidder. On the contrary, our prices are much lower than those of some competitors. In a small conference room on the 5th floor of Baidu building, Wang Jin, senior vice president of Baidu, recalled the fierce competition and expressed his excitement

it was no stranger to Wang Jin, who was personally inviting Wu Enda in Silicon Valley, or Robin Lee, who was in Beijing. Just a year ago, baidu also participated in the bidding for geoffreyhinton, another of the three AI experts. In this bidding, which is quoted every half an hour, baidu bid even higher than its competitors, but Google took over the love of Baidu in the middle of the bidding

this time, similar stories have completely different endings

after several face-to-face communications in the United States, Wang Jin believes that the time is approaching maturity. In April, Wang Jin invited wuenda to Beijing and had a meal with Robin Lee. In this 3-hour lunch, the topic of discussion started from the artificial intelligence that both of them were interested in, and smoothly extended to the form of Baidu research department and the types of problems to be solved. I don't ask for the best income. I hope to help you. In this way, wuenda took over the post of chief scientist of Baidu

at this time, it was less than 10 days before Yu Kai, a good friend of Wu Enda and the head of Baidu deep learning laboratory, offered him an invitation for the first time

Baidu brain has the IQ of children aged 2 to 3.

Baidu will be the fastest among several companies. As for why he chose Baidu, wuenda gave his own reasons. Baidu's executive ability to eliminate everyone's confusion surprised him

this is also a big game played by Robin Lee, the most low-key player in the domestic bat (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent) Internet super club in recent years. On many occasions, when asked how to compete with the other two companies, Robin Lee would always throw out a word and accumulate a lot

what is artificial intelligence? This problem of less than 10 words is difficult to summarize in a thick stack of academic monographs. There is no other reason. Artificial intelligence involves many fields and complex branches. The deep learning technology that enables robots to process natural language, speech and image recognition is one of them

in June, 2012, wuenda completed the classic cat recognition in the scientific and technological circles. It is a classic case: 16000 computers simulated a human brain meridian, showing it 10million videos captured immediately. Without any external interference, the network realized what a cat is and found a picture of a cat

at the beginning of 2013, baidu established the deep learning institute, and Robin Lee personally served as the president. The research institute spent less than half of its competitors' time to build a powerful computing platform for large-scale model training; At present, baidu brain already has the intelligence quotient of children aged 2 to 3, with 20billion parameters, and has constructed the world's largest deep neural network; In the past year, Baidu's image recognition ability has reached the world's first-class level, ranking first in China. The recognition rate has reached about 92%, exceeding the total increase of recognition rate in the past 15 years

recently, Robin Lee was reading a book, "singularity is near", and his view that technology is near a breakthrough excited him. According to a set of data, as of the first quarter of 2014, Baidu's R & D expenditure had exceeded one billion yuan in three consecutive quarters. In the third quarter of 2013, the R & D expenditure was 1.091 billion yuan, and in the fourth quarter, it was 12.5 billion yuan The work of market analysis is not only physical work but also mental work, amounting to 6.4 billion yuan, up from 1.277 billion yuan in the first quarter of 2014

Internet companies invest an average of 7% of their revenue in R & D, while Baidu invests more than 11%. With the continuous growth of revenue, R & D investment continues to increase. Wang Jin said

Baidu big data engine won't talk about revenue in the next two years.

don't ask me if I have revenue in the next two years. At the beginning of this year, Wang Jin made a request to lead the baidu big data engine open project. Without hesitation, Robin Lee readily agreed

in April this year, baidu announced the opening of the world's first big data engine, and the accumulated technology that has been deeply cultivated in the rear is facing the whole society for the first time. In this vision provided by Baidu, the open cloud can provide large-scale data storage and distributed computing for traditional industries through the distribution of Baidu data centers nationwide. On this basis, the data factory carries out a series of standardized processing of industry data to provide data management and analysis capabilities. On a higher level, baidu brain can realize forward-looking intelligent data analysis and prediction functions

wuenda and the artificial intelligence research technology he represents are the most critical link to realize this vision

as a think tank of Baidu, baidu Research Institute currently includes three laboratories, namely, Silicon Valley Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Beijing deep learning laboratory and Beijing big data laboratory. In the future, wuenda will also focus on these three laboratories. Although there are only a few researchers in the Silicon Valley Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, it will be expanded into an international team of about 200 people by 2015

on the day wuenda announced that he would join Baidu, six well-known researchers in artificial intelligence applied for Baidu positions. Quite different from the previous polite attitude, wuenda will become a living sign for Baidu to attract talents in the next step

in fact, big data has already become a major way for Baidu to make money. Take the phoenix nest project, which has applied Baidu's in-depth learning technology, as an example. Users can find the most appropriate search results after entering content in Baidu's search box, and achieve precision marketing at the same time. Such big data liquidity has become the fastest growing part of all Baidu's revenue components

less than a week ago, baidu joined hands with Vanke. Baidu's big data analysis and cloud computing technology will provide intelligent upgrading solutions for commercial real estate. After the intelligent upgrade, Jinyu Vanke Plaza will be equipped with a Baidu core. Customers can query whether the traffic around Jinyu Vanke Plaza is congested, how many vacant parking spaces there are, etc

according to pengyonghong, a professor at the University of Bradford in the United Kingdom, this is just a representative of the offline trend of Internet enterprises. Big data not only optimizes the service process, but also changes the service structure

personal interview: many data are worthless now

: big data has become a popular word. What do you think of this trend? Who has a competitive advantage in big data

Robin Lee: now (many people say) the data has exploded. What we need to solve is the problem of information explosion and too much data. In fact, I think this is a bit misleading. Now we see that many data generated every day are basically worthless data. At present, traditional industries still have no advantage in data, and Internet companies have no advantage in data. Baidu has accumulated technology for many years. In our opinion, the technology has been fully prepared, but the data we really want has not been collected yet. For example, Baidu has billions of searches every day, but it can only make macro predictions based on this. To truly achieve personalization, the current data accumulation is not enough

the new generation of data collection, whether it is the collection tool or the data itself, will have great development. But the difficulty here is not that you create a new type of hardware, but that you can find that point and find out what data is valuable to people

Baidu brain may be smarter than people in the future

: will Baidu brain be smarter than people in the future

Robin Lee: our Baidu brain uses a lot of computers and our artificial intelligence, plus in-depth study of these technologies to simulate the thinking of the human brain. Now it is about the same as the intelligence level of children aged 2 to 3. This is probably the most complex system in the world that simulates the thinking of human brain. However, if we continue to do it for ten or twenty years according to Moore's law, such a brain is likely to be smarter than a human brain, and qualitative change will occur at that time

I don't think it will be too far away, because the development of technology can make people's intelligence more and more imitated by computers. One day, computers can reach people's intelligence. In fact, there are some clues now. For example, driverless cars and intelligent robots can replace the hotel bellman to help you with your luggage. But in another five or ten years, there will be more things that can be done by computers and through the Internet. At that time, China's society will be fundamentally changed

technology will change the Internet

: cross border cooperation between the Internet and other industries seems to have become a popular trend. With the intervention of the Internet, education, financial management, tourism and other fields have become the most promising education, Internet finance, tourism and so on. In your opinion, what does Internet mean to traditional industries? What will change the Internet in the future

Robin Lee: I think the Internet thinking mode has a great inspiration for almost any traditional industry. One thing will happen in the future

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