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Baiya shares: use love to help women on the "epidemic" front line release date: Source: Baiya shares

novel coronavirus pneumonia swept the country. The trend of the epidemic affected the hearts of the Chinese people. Although the situation was severe, the whole country was united and the epidemic prevention work was carried out in an orderly manner

for the country, the epidemic situation is the most important thing at present. For private enterprises such as Baiya, the epidemic situation is a fatal blow to the survival and development of enterprises. However, in the current epidemic situation, Baiya, which shoulders the social sense, The deformation of Yi materials can be divided into elastic deformation (the original shape can be restored if the external force is withdrawn) and plastic deformation (the original shape can not be restored if the external force is withdrawn). However, it is determined to resist the "epidemic" the first line. Since the first batch of donated materials were sent out on January 28, 12 batches of materials have been organized to help hospitals around the world, including free point pajamas, free point sanitary napkins, tanning and Holyoke adult diapers, to help medical staff relieve their troubles

rush to help the front line at the first time: retrograde for love, speed first

on the fourth day of the lunar new year on January 28, Baiya team began to get busy, actively contacted more than 0 hospitals and institutions through special processes to express their concern for the medical staff in the isolation ward, and was willing to provide help to the medical staff in the front line. Therefore, the three batches of Danning adult diapers arrived at Wuhan University People's Hospital, Ezhou Central Hospital and Chongqing Dadukou District People's Hospital at the first time

China's speed: pay tribute to the medical workers of huoshenshan

China's efficient epidemic prevention work shocked the world. Noah's Ark was built in just seven days. Speed is life. Care for female medical workers. Under the attention of public opinion, major sanitary products enterprises are moving. Baiya once again responded with the fastest speed, donating 200 boxes of free point pajamas to Wuhan huoshenshan hospital, breaking through many difficulties and sending them to the front line of Wuhan, And donated RMB 100000 in cash to Beijing Zhixing public welfare foundation in response to the call of the household paper professional committee

fought with the sisters of the women's Federation and participated in the donation of the women's and children's fund

as relatives of women and children, the women's Federation actively donated money and materials for front-line women. The free point pajamas became an important material donated by the women's Federation. Baiya donated 125 sanitary articles to the women's Federation

I am grateful to all the loving teams who have made contributions to the fight against the "epidemic"

this epidemic has demonstrated the power of the state, such as gas. China has concentrated resources to fight the epidemic with its strong organization and allocation ability. When the logistics delivered to Wuhan is difficult, the port logistics of Chongqing municipal government should establish and improve the comprehensive evaluation criteria for plastic granulator equipment and actively coordinate with the industry standards office to help the donated materials reach the center of the epidemic area as soon as possible

liangye, a well-known media figure in Chongqing, organized 228 caring people to donate sanitary napkins to the front line, and called on everyone to pay attention to female workers in the epidemic area with the theme of "sanitary napkins mean dignity at this moment"

there are many love stories that cannot be expressed one by one. There are love stories of Baiya people in Hubei, Sichuan, Chongqing, Shaanxi, Yunnan, Guizhou, Hebei and all over the motherland. The dealers and employees of Baiya are making their own contributions to the epidemic with their own practical actions

only by overcoming difficulties together and returning the society to stability and harmony, can we live a better life. During the epidemic period, in order to ensure people's livelihood materials, front-line employees in supermarkets always stick to their posts and serve the people; In order to return to work and production, the employees of the production line overcame many difficulties and insisted on being on duty. The epidemic has put the enterprise in the stage of survival. We have reason to believe that the Chinese who do not admit defeat can overcome all difficulties

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