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Baccalais: fully automatic blowing out of perfect pet bottles

the synthetic material pet (polyethylene terephthalate) is widely popular in the packaging material market. Nowadays, pet is often used in the packaging of various food, chemicals and perfume products. It is highly respected not only because of its excellent physical properties, but also because of its attractive price

pet materials were first successfully developed by infield and ckon in 1941, with a year-on-year increase of 2% for modified plastics by 9.32 But at the same time, the surplus of surplus enterprises was 4.351 billion yuan. At that time, pet was only used as synthetic fiber. It was not widely used in textile fiber until the mid-1960s, and then it was also used in the production of tape. In the early 1970s, the first industrial bottle blowing machine was born. Its creators were Sidel of France and Krupp of Germany

the leading Ukrainian manufacturer

polimash is a leader in the Ukrainian packaging industry. Founded in 1999, the company is relatively young but develops rapidly. Her success is inseparable from its efficient engineering design technology, superb manufacturing technology, good service and accurate market positioning. Today, the polimash team has 156 employees and 700 machines are running on the client side

process flow

the new generation of bottle blowing machine can fully automate the production of PET bottles. The conveyor automatically sends the blanks to ensure automatic production. The special mechanical device arranges the bottle embryos neatly and heats them with infrared light tubes. During the heating process, the bottle mouth thread is prevented from deformation during the blow molding process by water cooling

the bottle embryos are arranged orderly and blow molded after heating

after heating, the bottle embryos are transferred to the blow mold. After being completely closed and sealed, the axial direction of the stretching rod forms a solid mesh stretching embryo after the closed space, and the compressed air is used to blow (stretch) the embryo radially. In the final stage of bottle embryo blow molding, the pressure is controlled at B. The orientation of pet molecules during blow molding affects the barrier property of the bottle. The increase of pressure makes pet crystallize, and improves the heat insulation and gas resistance. Later, the stretching rod removes the bottle embryo, cools and shapes the bottle wall, and reduces the pressure for demoulding. Usually, after the whole bottle blowing process, the bottle conveying manipulator takes the bottle out of the mold and sends it to the bottle conveying air conveying assembly line

the use of two mobile Haff dies speeds up the production process and improves the production capacity of the machine. Alexander Suvorov, chairman of polimash, said: "baccalais provides cost-effective products and solutions. The flexibility of hardware and automation software helps to optimize the productivity of machines and improve the quality of final products. Why doesn't a company under construction purchase directly? In addition, baccalais products also integrate diagnostic and analysis functions." Flexible product portfolio and cost-effective solutions. 5. The experimental speed makes the bottle blowing process simple and efficient. (end)

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