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Baidu: building a machine reading comprehension system with real data

on July 28, the 3rd language & Intelligence Summit, CO sponsored and co sponsored by the Chinese information society of China and the Chinese computer society, was held in Beijing. Lvyajuan, a senior scientist of Baidu, was invited to attend the technical exchange session of the "2018 machine reading comprehension technology evaluation competition" and made a summary of the competition, deeply explaining the positive significance of real data in machine reading comprehension

lvyajuan, senior scientist of Baidu, made a report. The 2018 machine reading comprehension technology competition was jointly organized by the Chinese information society of China, the Chinese computer society and Baidu company. It aims to provide researchers with an academic exchange platform, further improve the research level of machine reading comprehension, and promote the development of technology and applications in the field of language understanding and artificial intelligence. According to the competition data, a total of 1062 teams from 15 countries signed up for the competition, and the final 153 teams submitted results a total of 1489 times. Among them, 99 teams exceeded the baseline system, greatly improving the level of machine reading comprehension technology and system

the data set of this competition comes from the real application scenarios of Baidu search engine. The questions involved are the real questions of Baidu search users. Each question corresponds to 5 candidate document texts and manually sorted high-quality answers. "This competition is a reading comprehension competition for real search Q & A scenarios. Machine reading comprehension technology can improve the intelligence level of machines and enable machines to have the ability of continuous knowledge acquisition." Lvyajuan said in the report, "Baidu has ensured that the players can get real questions, real texts and considerable scale in the competition by providing the data set dureader 2.0, which contains 300000 open domain questions, more than 1.5 million real Internet documents and 660000 manually written answers. When the scale is not right, it will add a pad iron under the base and mark rich data." It is worth noting that the evaluation data set of this competition has been fully open to the public. All researchers can download and use it on Baidu broad platform, and can participate in the test of relevant rankings to test their machine reading and understanding skills

the award-winning team took the stage to accept the award. Dr. lindekang, co-founder and CTO of naturali Beijing singularity Smart Technology Co., Ltd. and ACL fellow, said that when printing or saving the experimental results on behalf of and sharing with the team, the crown team needs all resources for innovative layout, "Baidu dataset is one of the best Chinese reading and understanding datasets. Compared with Stanford classic dataset, square, baidu dataset is more real and challenging. Square is the integration of questions from Wikipedia information sources, and the answers must appear in the text. The syntax is relatively standard. The baidu datasets in this competition are all real questions from users, including not only factual questions, but also opinion questions."

a representative of Taida Electronics - Taida Research Institute, an award-winning team from Taipei, said, "this machine reading comprehension competition not only establishes a benchmark for Chinese reading comprehension, but also establishes a platform for communication. It is a cradle for cultivating artificial intelligence talents. Thanks to the real data provided by Baidu, we can use real data to explore and study machine reading comprehension, creating more new research methods."

as one of the representatives of Chinese artificial intelligence enterprises, Baidu will rely on its own data resources and industrial experience to actively promote the integrated development of industry, University and research, and solve practical problems with technology. At the same time, Baidu has enabled young scientific and technological talents in an all-round way with an open attitude and advanced technology to help them realize their own technological ideals and jointly contribute to the development of China's artificial intelligence technology

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