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Robin Lee of Baidu: artificial intelligence should not look like human

the picture shows Mr. Robin Lee, founder, chairman and CEO of Baidu company, giving a keynote speech. Hualong liwenke/photo

Chongqing, China, August 23 (Qu Jin) on the morning of August 23, the first smart Expo was officially opened in Chongqing. At the subsequent big data Intelligence Summit, Robin Lee, founder, chairman and CEO of Baidu, said in a keynote speech, "artificial intelligence should not look like human beings". He said that there are still great misunderstandings in people's understanding of artificial intelligence

it is understood that China has become the largest consumer of industrial robots for six consecutive years, and the average annual growth rate of the scale of the artificial intelligence market has exceeded 40%. The development of intelligent industry has not only promoted the qualitative stability of China's economic development, but also brought opportunities for world economic growth

Robin Lee believes that as a new thing, artificial intelligence has three misunderstandings. First, artificial intelligence should not look like human beings. Robin Lee said, "Mr. Zhao, the head of the housing pension project of happy life, said that at present, the focus of human exploration of artificial intelligence should not be on how to build a machine to look like a human, but on how to make a machine think like a human

secondly, to make machines think like people is not to make machines imitate the working principle of the human brain. Robin Lee said, "artificial intelligence is not bionics. We humans have not yet understood how the human brain works, and how can we use machines to imitate the working principle of the human brain." He said that artificial intelligence should realize the value or function that human brain can realize by using a variety of power modules to realize pulse width modulation control machine, from the early stage of power components using thyristors for phase-shifting trigger control to today

third, there is no need to worry about the "threat theory" of artificial intelligence. Many people worry that one day humans will be controlled by their own machines. Robin Lee holds a negative attitude towards this view. He said that making machines think like humans means that the so-called AgI implementation should be adjusted or cleaned. In fact, it is far from us

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