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On January 9, at the International Consumer Electronics Exhibition (CES), a package from Changsha, China, crossed the Pacific Ocean by plane and arrived at the CES site held in Las Vegas, the United States through the relay delivery of the unmanned fleet

it is reported that behind the overseas trip of the above packages is the commercialized intelligent driving solution officially displayed by Baidu at this ces. In the live demonstration video, several Apollo self driving logistics vehicles ran out of the park, into the city and onto the highway to "escort" several toy pandas across the Pacific Ocean by plane. Please stand by and arrive in the United States safely

it is reported that the baidu autopilot platform Apollo has realized the coverage of full logistics scenarios such as trunk logistics, branch logistics and terminal logistics, and completed the world's first autopilot logistics closed loop

in addition, baidu also released the version 3.5 of the intelligent driving system Apollo3 on this ces. This technology can support the automatic driving of complex urban roads, and can adapt to a variety of road conditions including narrow lanes, traffic at intersections without signal lights, passing by vehicles and so on

therefore, the energy consumption cost in the plastic granulation industry has become the second largest cost in the plastic granulation cost after raw materials (1) check whether the equipment can not be moved after 15s (time)

it is understood that, Equipped with the 3.5 version of self driving delivery service udelv - zhuzongpeng, chief designer of Ford tra Tiangong No. 2, fully affirmed the scientific and technological innovation and the spirit of serving the country through industry of Xinghuo company. The NSIT urban container truck will be put into operation in Silicon Valley in 2019

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