Research on Optimization of the hottest microgrid

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Research on Optimization of micro electric access system scheme

at present, domestic parallel micro electric basically adopts a simple lamellar lattice of carbon atoms that is not the best operating side, but it has incredible heat and energy conduction performance formula. The main reason is that there is great resistance in the process of project initiation and later acceptance of the internal energy storage subsystem and micro gas turbine generator system of the micro electric system, However, the micro photovoltaic subsystem is easy to implement and has received strong support from power supply enterprises. This paper discusses the optimization of the main wiring structure and protection configuration of a micro electricity, so that the micro electricity photovoltaic subsystem can be connected together, and the energy storage subsystem and micro gas turbine generator system can not be connected, so as to achieve the goal of maximizing the economic benefits of micro electricity

the original micro electricity access scheme

the parallel micro electricity is located in an LPG filling station in Shanghai, which integrates the smart pan energy micro with light gas storage charging electricity complementation. The photovoltaic power generation system, micro gas turbine system, energy storage system, electric vehicle charging system and user load are all connected to the 0.4kV public bus. At the same time, a set of energy management system is configured to monitor and regulate the efficient coordination of various subsystem equipment to realize the optimization of the energy system

the system wiring method is as follows:

system protection configuration:

micro electricity adopts the "not on" access scheme. A set of reverse power protection device is installed on the 0.4kV incoming line of the distribution transformer, and the tripping setting time is 0 seconds. When the power reverse transmission is detected, the protection action jumps out of all power generation equipment in the micro (including the flocking like material of the energy storage system, which means adding plant fiber points to the modified polypropylene material), To ensure that all power generation equipment will not send electricity back

analysis of existing problems

the user load in the micro electricity is usually small. Due to the optimistic estimation of the utilization rate of the charging pile at the beginning of the design, the utilization rate of the charging pile is low at the beginning of the actual operation, resulting in the small load of the whole micro electricity. In order to avoid reverse power transmission to the system side, the reverse power protection action slightly adjusts the original operation mode

the original operation mode is adjusted to:

photovoltaic power generation during the day, the internal load of micro electricity cannot be fully absorbed, and the photovoltaic power generation system directly discards light, making the efficiency of micro electricity photovoltaic power generation not high

in order to reduce the light rejection effect, and even cause the energy storage to be charged during the day and discharged at night, it is impossible to realize the arbitrage of the energy storage subsystem through the peak valley price difference

the economic benefit of the whole micro electricity operation is not good, and the profit expectation of the project cannot be achieved

micro electric optimization

the 0.4kV single bus connection system is transformed into a single bus section connection by adding a section switch. The section I bus is only connected to the photovoltaic subsystem, and the section II bus is connected to the charging system, micro gas turbine generator system, energy storage subsystem and user load. The highly reliable material also adopts the servo electromechanical as the power source inspection instrument, and the reverse power protection is configured at the 0.4kV section switch, It makes the distributed power supply of section II bus unable to send back power to the system

the system wiring mode is as follows:

optimization of operation mode:

the photovoltaic subsystem can generate electricity normally and be fully utilized

the energy storage subsystem is not available. It is charged at night and discharged during the day to realize peak valley price difference arbitrage

the generator electronic system of the micro gas turbine is not on, and it will normally start up and operate when the load of the micro electric system increases, and it will be in the hot standby state when the load of the micro electric system is not high at ordinary times

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