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One minute reading of plastic laser welding technology

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core tips: 1: what is laser welding? Answer: laser welding is an efficient and precise welding method using high-energy density laser beam as heat source. 2: What is plastic laser welding? Answer: two kinds of

answer: two or more kinds of plastics (the same kind or different kinds) melt the plastics at the joint surface through laser with market-oriented operation as the core, and then polymerize again under the action of clamping force. After cooling, weld seams are formed at the joint surface, that is, welded together. The welding principle is shown in the figure:

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3: what is weld seam

answer: the bonding part formed in the weldment after welding

4: what is welding technology

answer: all kinds of welding methods, welding materials, welding processes, welding equipment and their basic theories are called welding technology

5: what is welding process? What is it

answer: a complete set of process procedures and technical regulations in the welding process. The contents include: welding method, preparation and processing before welding, assembly, welding materials, welding equipment, welding sequence, welding operation, welding process parameters, post welding treatment, etc

6: can all plastics be welded

answer: No, first of all, the welding plastic must be thermoplastic, and then the upper material of the welding material needs to be able to pass through the laser to the greatest extent, and the lower material needs to be able to absorb the laser to the greatest extent. General welding one component plastics include PMMA - polymethylmethacrylate (plexiglass), PC plastic, ABS plastic, LDPE low density polyethylene plastic, HDPE high density polyethylene plastic, PVC PVC plastic, PBT polybutylene terephthalate, nylon 6, nylon 66 nylon 66, ps-ps resin, etc. Common welding plastics include PBT, PC, nylon, PVC, etc

7: can two kinds of transparent plastics be welded

answer: Yes, for example, the welding of transparent materials (PC, PVC, PP, PMMA, PET), as shown in the following figure, the left side is the welding of 3mm wall thickness of PC material, and the right side is the welding of 3mm wall thickness of PVC material

tuyuan Han laser

8: what are the methods of plastic laser welding

answer: it mainly includes contour welding (a), synchronous welding (b), quasi synchronous welding (c), rolling welding (d) and irradiation mask welding (E), as shown in the following figure

image source

9: what is a laser welded joint

answer: the laser welding joint is a part of the welding equipment. The laser welding joint can be realized by continuous or pulsed laser beam. The principle of laser welding joint welding can be divided into heat conduction welding joint welding and laser head deep penetration welding

auto parts experimental machine has flexible and diverse control methods. Figure source Kyodo laser

10: what is a laser

answer: lasers are important components of laser welding equipment. Lasers mainly include fiber lasers and semiconductor lasers. Laser light sources mainly include CO2 lasers, nd:yag lasers and semiconductor lasers

11: what are the methods of traditional plastic welding

answer: traditional plastic welding methods include ultrasonic welding, friction welding, vibration welding, hot plate welding, hot gas welding and implant welding

12: what are the advantages of plastic laser welding process

answer: compared with the traditional plastic welding process, laser welding has the advantages of high welding strength, extremely fast heating and cooling speed, small heat affected zone, and small welding stress and deformation

non contact processing, no external force on the weldment, and can weld parts that are difficult to contact

stable welding process, good weld surface and internal quality, high performance

laser can weld in vacuum, air and some gas environment. It has many advantages, such as welding through glass or materials transparent to the beam

13: does plastic laser welding need additives

answer: some welding requires additives, such as carbon black absorbent, but for the welding of clean plastics, such as medical plastics, absorbent additives are not required

14: what are the methods of adding absorbent in plastic laser welding

answer: first, directly infiltrate absorbent into the material to be welded; The second is to infiltrate absorbent into the surface of plastic parts to be welded

third, spray or print absorbent on the contact of two plastic parts to be welded

15: where are the main applications of plastic laser welding

answer: it is mainly used in the automotive industry, home appliance industry, medical industry, electronic and electrical appliance industry, etc

for example, automotive dashboard, lamps, plastic parts of fuel system, new energy vehicle batteries, plastic parts of EPB electronic parking system in the automotive industry

micro flow control components, needle protection products, Phonak scale inhibitors, etc. in the medical industry

LED lighting and plastic welding in household appliance industry. Some related applications are shown in the following figure:

16: what should be paid attention to in the application of plastic laser welding process

answer: if it is a medical product, it is best to use a 1710nm or 1940nm laser without adding light absorbers and flux, especially transparent plastics

figure source Huazhuo

17: how to detect the effect of plastic laser welding

answer: at present, most enterprises are testing the performance of air tightness and adhesion, and there is little research on micro morphology, chemical analysis, brittleness and other physical properties. Medical products will also involve pharmacological toxicity, biocompatibility and other issues

18: what are the enterprises of welding effect testing equipment

answer: Shanghai Sanliang and Diyu will focus on the development of recycled polyester fiber, raw liquid colored fiber, conductive fiber, graphene modified fiber, flame retardant fiber and other functional fiber products, such as laser resistance, Suzhou Fu run Ze laser, etc

19: why is the frequency of mention of plastic laser welding technology increased in the past two years

answer: first of all, in the era when environmental protection is paid more and more attention, plastic laser welding has many advantages

second, the cost of the process has decreased significantly

the third is the localization of special plastics for laser welding

20: who are the manufacturers of domestic plastic laser materials

answer: Nantong Xingchen, Julong, Jinhu Rili, Pulit, Julong, blonde, etc

21: what foreign countries are involved in laser welding modified plastics

answer: DuPont, BASF, Langsheng, kostron, Baoli, DSM, ankoro, etc

22: what are the domestic complete sets of laser welding equipment doing better at present

answer: Huazhuo, Shanghai Sanliang, Huagong laser, Nanjing dinai, Han's laser, jept, BOT laser, Cibic optoelectronics, JiuHeng optoelectronics, Suzhou furunze laser, etc

23: what are the complete sets of laser welding equipment enterprises in foreign countries

answer: laidan, binnengxin, lkpf, rofin, tongkuai, etc

24: what are the famous laser enterprises at home and abroad

answer: Wuhan Ruike, caplin optoelectronics, Changguang Huaxin, Beijing Lanxi Huaxing optoelectronics, IPG, dILAS, nlight, e have a resolution of 0.3nlaser, QPC, etc

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