The basis of the hottest spot low sulfur crude oil

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According to the news on April 24 in New York, the US spot low sulfur crude oil basis was weak on Thursday, while the high sulfur crude oil basis was stronger at M22 plus 6 degrees and 4 degrees. The crude oil extension Trading in May entered the second day

in may, the basis difference of Louisiana light and low sulfur (LLS) crude oil fell 35 cents, and it was reported to be zero compared with the benchmark West selection in the afternoon and loaded with experimental force. The premium of Texas Intermediate oil (WTI) was $2.40; In June, LLS reported a premium of $3.00

at present, the basis of easona heavy and low sulfur crude oil fell 65 cents to US $1.65 per litre compared with WTI

many polluting enterprises in deep sea were ordered to rectify sulfur Mars crude oil reported a discount of $9.00 compared with WTI, up 50 cents from Wednesday; West Texas high sulfur (WTS) crude oil rose 25 cents to US $6.50 compared with WTI

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