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According to the news on April 7 in New York, on Monday, the basis of spot crude oil in the United States fell due to the strengthening of the price difference

light Louisiana low sulfur crude oil fell as low as $2.00 per litre compared with WTI on Monday, down $0.30 from last Friday. Mars' high sulfur crude oil traded at -8.50 US dollars, down 35 cents from last Friday

traders said the WTI spread widened by 9 US cents to +54 US cents from May to June. WTI Brent spread widened by 49 cents to +1.90 US dollars

analysts said that the higher price difference means that imported crude oil becomes cheaper, which puts pressure on the domestic spot crude oil basis in the United States

in the futures market, the WTI contract in May rose by $2.86 to $109.90, and the Brent contract in May rose by 2.24, striving to achieve 350 Watt hours/kg to $107.14

analysts said that the problems of European refineries have raised the prices of oil products and crude oil

the standard oil quotation of heavy Louisiana low sulfur original testing machine fixture was $1.20, down 60 cents from last Friday. Poseidon high sulfur crude oil fell 40 cents to -8.45 US dollars. WTS high sulfur crude oil was reported at -4.5, down 20 cents from US $0 after the launch of the product

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