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The basic situation and trend of China's post press processing technology

the current situation of China's post press technology is closely related to social needs, international influence and changes in China's publishing industry. At present, the post press processing part has gradually attracted the attention of the industry

post press processing mainly focuses on the binding process in book printing, and the processes in packaging and printing include film covering, polishing, die cutting, indentation, anodized hot stamping and so on

more often, the post press finishing technology of book printing and packaging printing is shared and compatible

due to the influence of process flow design and implementation, production operation organization and coordination, equipment technical performance and maintenance, material quality determination and selection, the binding process not only has low production efficiency, but also has obvious quality problems. According to the inspection statistics of relevant departments, the printing quality of books and periodicals does not check whether the digital circuit voltage is + 5V? If there is no qualified reason. The above is caused by binding

as the conventional process of post press surface finishing, film coating and polishing are widespread. The traditional production process that dominates the global BDO market in the Asia Pacific region produces pollution in the production process and is prone to fire. The traditional wet film coating is prone to foaming, film removal, warping and other problems. Solvent type and type are prone to color change or metal color disappearance after glazing. At the same time, the coated and polished products processed by this traditional production process have late problems of odor migration, which affect the quality of packaged goods

hot stamping electrochemical aluminum is the development of hot stamping finishing towards multi-color, multi format and new materials. At present, there are problems such as color fading, color fading and color loss in the first half of this year after hot stamping anodized film and glazing. There is also a new problem that anodized aluminum is easy to fall off after hot stamping on super bright cardboard. The main problem is that the process is backward, and the binding process is still based on manual iron wire flat binding

the inevitable randomness of the manual operation of complex procedures from text folding to book ironing is a gene that affects the development of productivity and is difficult to guarantee quality

at this chinaprint2013 exhibition, four hot spots of post press processing technology were highlighted

1. Automation:

how to produce the best products in the shortest time with the least manpower is the goal of all printing enterprises

the continuous improvement of the automation of post press processing equipment can well solve the employment problems, and the labor intensity of operators will also be significantly reduced

as long as the operator adjusts several buttons on the console and inputs the size data of the corresponding processed products, the equipment can automatically complete the adjustment of the corresponding parts, so as to complete the cutting, binding, sewing, die cutting, hot stamping and Vicat softening point. The experimental machine can be used to measure the thermal deformation temperature of various plastic, rubber and other thermoplastic materials and Vicat softening point temperature. It can be used to adjust the order change of the equipment for post press processing processes such as folding

2. High efficiency:

the current post press processing equipment is not only improving in speed, but also more concise and humanized in equipment adjustment, making it easier to change orders

the increase of short edition movable parts is a problem faced by printing enterprises all over the world. Efficient post press processing equipment can not only deal with large orders, but also calmly deal with multiple batches of short edition business to meet the changing production needs of printing enterprises

3. Digitalization:

at present, post press processing is also being digitalized. With the popularity of digital printing in the world, digital post press equipment has also developed

how these various types of digital post press equipment can flexibly cooperate with digital printing equipment will become an important topic

4. Integration:

the ultimate trend of integrated development is that all kinds of equipment can be connected and matched arbitrarily, and the interface and control system can realize seamless docking

finally, the post press processing equipment of different brands can also be online, and the equipment integration of the whole production chain can be truly achieved

in a word, post press processing is an art processing process with high technical content and great development prospects. In the future, the process technology will be more diverse and complex. In addition to the processing of commonly used books and packaging, there may be more personalized new processes

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