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The basic concept and connotation of integrated energy services and energy interconnection

energy interconnection is a frame, and everything can be installed inside. This is the current situation in the industry. Different people have different understandings from different angles. For professionals, it's a little like "looking across the mountain and peaking at the side". 9. Cooling medium: ethanol or other unfrozen liquid, but for people who have just come into contact with energy interconnection, the more common feeling is "it's difficult to recognize the true face of Lushan Mountain, and the distance is different"

in order to improve the understanding of energy interconnection and promote effective communication between professionals with different backgrounds, it is necessary to clarify some basic concepts of energy interconnection, and explain the connections and differences between them by deepening the connotation of different concepts layer by layer, so as to clarify the similarities and differences of the concepts of "energy interconnection", "integrated energy services", "energy IOT" and "smart energy"

a series of major changes and innovations are taking place in the energy industry. Only by understanding them can we grasp the true connotation and boundaries of many concepts

1. At the level of physical energy system, the integration and integration of multiple energies and the full interaction between the supply side and the demand side have become important exploration directions

on the energy supply side, wind, light, coal, oil, gas, electricity and other energy sources are developing towards comprehensive optimization, and synergistic effects begin to appear; With the reasonable combination of centralized and distributed energy supply, integrated energy supply has become a new development trend

on the energy consumption side, traditional independent energy supply methods such as power supply, gas supply, water supply and heat supply are blurring the boundary, moving towards integration, but more penetrating into high-end products to form integration; The number of new electricity and energy consumption facilities such as charging, energy storage and intelligent appliances has begun to grow rapidly, which has brought higher flexibility requirements to traditional energy systems. This change on the user side is what many professionals in the energy industry call "integrated energy services (narrow sense)", which emphasizes the integration and optimization of multiple energy sources for users

through the innovative invention of "energy router", support the plug and play of energy facilities on the supply side and demand side, and form an interconnection form similar to relying on routers. This is the concept of "energy interconnection (narrow sense)" in the most basic sense, emphasizing the interconnection of energy supply and demand and equipment

2. At the level of digital information network, new Internet technologies such as cloud, large, physical, mobile and intelligent are also integrating with physical energy systems, and the "integration of industrialization and informatization" is in the ascendant

in order to support the safe and economic operation of traditional energy systems, SCADA based automation systems have been widely covered, which is often referred to as "ot technology"

with the development of information technology, traditional offline equipment operation and maintenance, energy operation, energy trading, marketing management and other businesses are moving towards online. This is "business informatization and enterprise digitalization" in the usual sense. It emphasizes that 62 standardized, standardized and process oriented offline businesses in 2012 are supported by information systems

at the same time, the maturity of new Internet technologies and the reduction of costs are causing new changes:

1) the informatization foundation of energy enterprises and society has been strengthened, and the traditional local and localized ot systems have begun to connect with the end

2) after the interconnection of devices in a wider range, the connection between device status and business management is more timely

3) on this basis, a wider range of energy optimization has become possible and is becoming a reality, which leads to more equipment connection and data acquisition needs

"energy IOT" reflects the above trend

the self change of the integrated energy system and the penetration of the development of the information network have led to the emergence of the so-called "smart energy" concept, which distinguishes different value chain links such as the source, and load of energy, and there are local smart systems such as "smart power plant", "smart network" and "smart energy use" respectively

3. At the level of professional services, with the institutional reform represented by the power market, the focus of the user side is changing from "energy access" to "energy services". Using Internet thinking, exploring new models and new formats has become a new wave

innovate financial investment, engineering construction, management and operation, transaction matching and other services, do a good job in connecting energy users with service providers, and build a new ecological, efficient and economical way to meet the diversified needs of users, which has become the connotation of "comprehensive energy services"

summarized as follows:

1) integrated energy services (narrow sense) = integrated energy utilization

2) energy IOT = energy operation automation + business informatization +ict technology

3) intelligent energy use (integrated energy services (narrow sense) + energy IOT) + energy use services and mode innovation under interconnection thinking = integrated energy services (broad sense)

4) energy interconnection (narrow sense) =Comprehensive energy supply + comprehensive energy utilization + plug and play

5) smart energy = Energy interconnection (narrow sense) + energy IOT = smart power plant (etc) + smart network + smart energy consumption

6) smart energy + service and mode innovation under interconnection thinking = Energy interconnection (broad sense)

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