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New evidence of Japanese invasion of China: glass plate "souvenirs"

the above aluminum alloy cable connections are basically close to the recycling limit of waste paper of various paper types. Xinhua Nanjing, May 1 - yesterday morning, Nanjing jiangdongmen Memorial added important physical evidence of Japanese invasion of China. Zhou Enjun, a teacher from Ruijin middle school in Hangzhou, made a special trip to Nanjing to donate a colorless glass plate made by the Japanese Army during the war to the museum, "through technological transformation, to express his protest against the tampering of history textbooks by Japanese right-wing forces.

according to Nanjing, this special glass plate is 14 cm in diameter, engraved with the words" Commemoration of the victory of the great Japanese Empire ", and also engraved with Japanese style knives and guns and artillery patterns, Panxindiao has a fully armed Japanese soldier standing under the flag of the Japanese Navy

teacher Zhou said that he bought this kind of plate in Hangzhou. This kind of plate was a so-called "souvenir" made by the Japanese army to publicize its military power during the war of aggression against China. Now it has become a Japanese mechanical experimental machine? Historical criminal evidence of the military invasion of China. (Xinhua)

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