Glass prices across the country are basically stab

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Near the Spring Festival, the national glass price is basically stable

stimulated by the low price of Shahe glass, North China and East China followed the downward adjustment to enhance competitiveness, with a range of 0.. Between 2 yuan/square meter

the demand in South China and Europe is 2.1 million tons. At present, the goods are available in the region, and the price rises slightly by 0. 1 yuan/square meter, the manufacturer's mood is OK. As North China fell significantly, central China did not continue to rise this week

low price glass in Northeast China continued to pour backward, impacting the markets in North and East China

as of mid December 2015, China's glass production capacity was 8611.72 million weight boxes, with a capacity utilization rate of 69. 87%. In the next few months, 13 railways will open one by one, with an inventory of 32.37 million weight boxes and 13 days. 71 days, 241 production lines in production. There is no production line adjustment in December, and the production line adjustment planned in the early stage this month may be postponed to 2016

the market is basically stable near the Spring Festival, and there is still a week of increase in South China, but the range will not be too large

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