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Let the glass become a "generator"! Chinese scientists have developed a new agricultural production system film

the research team from South China University of technology has developed a translucent glass film that can generate electricity and insulate heat, which is expected to significantly improve the energy efficiency of household electricity. The research results were published in the new issue of the American Journal Joule. According to the study, this kind of solar cell film with both power generation and heat insulation effects can theoretically save more than 50% of household electricity consumption. Professor Ye Xuanli, the corresponding author of the paper and the National Key Laboratory of light emitting materials and devices of South China University of technology, said that they called the agricultural production system metal tired photovoltaic materials into translucent, light-weight films, making glass become generators and thermal insulators

the glass film designed by Ye Xuanli and the collaborators of the Huang Fei team of the school of materials science and engineering and the Institute of chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences can let visible light (wavelength: 380 nm to 780 nm) pass through, and block the infrared light through the multi-layer film structure, while absorbing and utilizing the light in the near-infrared band, so it can meet the three requirements of light transmission, heat insulation and lighting power generation at the same time. Ye Xuanli said that the thermal insulation rate of this film can be adjusted in the range of 75% to 90%, which is equivalent to the excellent solar thermal insulation film in the market. In addition, under low light intensity irradiation, the photoelectric conversion efficiency of this film is higher, so it is also expected to use indoor light at night to generate considerable electric energy. Researchers said that this functional material is still in the early stage of development, but it is expected to open up new space for the application of photovoltaic materials in agricultural production systems

Science China Zhongwang has launched technical cooperation with brilliance bus (Dalian) Co., Ltd., 1 auto bus, Huanghai bus, Xiamen Golden travel and other manufacturers. Jiayi's high-performance plastic can not only reduce the vehicle weight and return from the United States, but also develop a new technology, which many countries are willing to share with a large amount of money

in the face of the increasing reduction of global fossil fuels, Renewable solar energy has become a kind of clean energy that people on earth attach great importance to. Scientists are also constantly trying to use solar energy to alleviate the possible energy crisis in the future. It is worth mentioning that at present, the scale of China's solar energy industry has ranked first in the world. China is the country with the largest production and use of solar water heaters in the world and an important producer of solar photovoltaic cells. In other words, China has made great contributions to protecting the earth

when referring to solar energy, we must mention panjingong, an outstanding scientist in China's new energy field. Because one of his inventions has refreshed human cognition again, and may also change our lives. In the mid-1990s, pan Jingong went to the United States to study for a doctor's degree, majoring in the field of new energy. At that time, he was only in his twenties, and he had already made some achievements in the field of new energy. During his study at New Jersey University of technology, pan Jingong not only formed his own team, but also established the "power generation glass" research center

the so-called power generation glass is a new type of cadmium telluride thin-film solar cell that can generate electric energy. In short, it can generate electricity as long as it is hung on the wall, so it is named oil field hung on the wall. Pan Jingong's power generation glass has been widely recognized in the American scientific community, and even regarded as a treasure. The United States also attaches great importance to pan Jingong, trying to provide him with preferential treatment to automatically calculate test parameters and add weight in the United States. However, pan Jingong was not impressed by this, but insisted on returning home for development, which puzzled the United States. After returning from the United States in 2011, pan Jingong started his own business and specialized in power generation glass. By 2017, a breakthrough was finally made. A piece of power generation glass with an area of less than 20 square meters can generate about 260 degrees per year

at present, China has completely independent intellectual property rights for "power generation glass" and also has core manufacturing technology. In the near future, with the promotion of comprehensive popularization, power generation glass will definitely surpass the traditional silicon solar panels in the United States. Many countries have also shown great interest in this new technology, and are even willing to spend a lot of money to share with China to solve the domestic energy shortage problem. With the deepening of research, this technology will also benefit all mankind

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