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The infinite charm of automated assembly

since the 1960s, western countries have begun to transform traditional industries based on technological progress, making industry develop rapidly. The global market has led to unprecedented fierce competition, prompting enterprises to speed up the time to market of new products, improve quality, reduce costs and improve the service system (serv in the people who buy plastic bags ice). The status of automated packaging technology in the field of industrial production is becoming increasingly important

effective investment

generally, the cost of high-quality, high-performance and customized assembly line equipment is also relatively high. However, some enterprises with high vision will still regard this expenditure as an effective investment. In their view, excellent equipment brings huge returns that can't be compared with those using low-performance, semi-automatic equipment. On the one hand, automatic assembly equipment can help enterprises make their output value climb rapidly. Using this kind of A-pillar with high gloss is a small revolution, which not only greatly improves the product quality, but also meets the needs of enterprises for mass production. On the other hand, automatic assembly equipment can effectively save long-term investment costs for enterprises. According to a customer survey, most customers who have applied Boda high-performance equipment have saved more investment costs than expected

all products with batch quantification and long design cycle are suitable for using automatic assembly equipment. The cost investment of automatic assembly equipment will also bring huge profits to users, and the income it brings is called "return on investment" (ROI, re looks very soft and weak turn on investment). For example, reduce assembly labor; Save workers' management costs; Reduce maintenance investment; Reduce rework costs; Improve product quality; Save the processing steps and storage space of sub components. In general, the return on investment of products with a cycle life of more than 5 years is 35%. Using assembly equipment with a return on investment of 35%, the investment cost of the equipment can be recovered in three years

for example, the assembly rate of a set of assembly system is 100 pieces/min, and the annual production is 35 million pieces. Based on the calculation of three liner shifts per day for one week and five working days, the cost of each product can be saved by 0.1 yuan, and the cost can be saved by 3.5 million per year; If the cost of each product can be saved by 0.15 yuan, the annual cost can be saved by 5.25 million

Boda's automated assembly system

a survey in assembly magazine shows that as the world's leading supplier of synchronous high-speed automated assembly equipment, Boda is deeply trusted by American manufacturers. Boda has rich experience and can provide customized assembly line equipment for users. Its products have been widely used

the high-quality Boda 65 synchronous assembly frame has the advantages of solid structure, accurate positioning and low-cost maintenance. The frame body is made of solid cast iron, which ensures that the product parts and devices can maintain the spatial accuracy for a long time. Its stability and durability have been tested in practice for more than 40 years, and it has assembled a variety of products in different fields

the main tooling action of Boda 65 synchronous assembly frame is driven by cam machinery. Compared with pneumatic drive, mechanical drive is not only more efficient, but also ensures the long-term stable operation of the whole assembly equipment. The cam slot driving function reduces the force between the cams, thus ensuring the long-term operation of the whole equipment. The method of recycling modified materials by the waste PE crosslinking cable granulator is more stable and sustainable. Many Boda 65 synchronous assembly equipment have been in use for 20 years

since the Boda 65 rack is a loop type design (rather than a disc-shaped), it is easy to increase or decrease workstations. The equipment adopts integrated indexing steel belt and imported precision mechanical indexing control device. An imported and efficient safety clutch is applied at the connection between the divider and the drive end to prevent damage to the equipment when the machine is blocked. At every step of the equipment operation, a cam driven positioning device operates to ensure that the tooling fixture and the indexing steel strip can be correctly and accurately matched

the customized tooling fixture is integrated with the broad mechanical drive frame, which fully meets the customers' assembly needs for stable, durable products. In order to ensure the high quality of the equipment, Boda adopts assembly robots from world-class suppliers

Boda's assembly system is controlled by PLC network integration, and a touch induction control screen is installed on the movable support. The system applies high-quality shaft position and speed sensor (imported), which ensures that the control signal of PLC to the pneumatic manipulator is consistent with the operating position of camshaft. The detection probe of the parts is also mechanically driven, and the detection is carried out before each assembly step. When parts have problems, it will automatically feed back to the PLC master and make corresponding treatment

the long-term production strategy of selecting the products with batch demand must take into account the investment of automatic assembly equipment. Experience shows that the investment in manual assembly will gradually increase with the increase of wages and other costs, while automated assembly equipment can make people "once and for all"

the correct investment in automated assembly equipment is also crucial. If the performance of the final automation equipment does not meet the requirements of the contract, it will not only disappoint users, but also seriously affect the normal production of the enterprise. Experienced suppliers can provide users with production equipment that meets their needs. However, few suppliers can provide high-quality and low-cost equipment. In the process of selecting suppliers, Boda suggests that the following aspects should be considered comprehensively: the experience and reputation of suppliers; Overall quality of assembly equipment; Net productivity; Operation cost of equipment, including after-sales service; Equipment price; Return on investment of equipment

the successful establishment of automatic assembly system, an effective assembly system, comes from the supplier's years of practice and exploration. For more than half a century, Boda has been committed to providing users with the best rack and long-term stable operation system, applying mature assembly technology to the production of high-speed and small batch products, and making it possible to meet the future upgrading of products to the greatest extent

company profile

Boda assembly and Testing System Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Boda) was founded in Bridgeport, Connecticut in 1933. It is the world's leading production base of synchronous high-speed automatic assembly equipment. At present, more than 2000 sets of broad assembly equipment are operating in more than 20 countries and regions around the world

in March, 2006, Boda officially announced the completion of its Beijing plant, which provides assembly equipment installation services for the entire Asian region. Boda not only provides customized high-speed assembly systems for manufacturers of automotive parts, telecommunications products, electrical components, disposable medical supplies, consumer goods and other industries, but also provides services for the redesign and technical transformation of assembly systems

in December 2006, a set of semi-automatic assembly equipment system provided by Boda for a customer in Shanghai was completed. At present, Boda Beijing factory is manufacturing a set of assembly equipment with a speed of 360 pieces/min for another Chinese customer. (end)

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