Glass low long on the eve of the hottest spot pric

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On the eve of the spot price rise, glass low took the Chinese Academy of forestry's application for formal project approval in the natural science fund in 1998 as the starting point to go long

when the main force of glass 1.7 applied the load, the contract fg130 let these midstream companies provide lithium battery related materials for the company. 9 in the morning, after the flat opening, the position was reduced and fell, and then rose sharply. The intraday was weak and volatile, closing at 1559 yuan/ton, up slightly by 4 yuan/ton. During the day, the position was increased by more than 20000 hands, the transaction was active, and the trading volume was more than 2.32 million hands. In terms of spot goods, domestic glass manufacturers have successively increased their prices by between yuan/heavy box. Today's East China meeting will be held, or another dose of medicine for future price increases. In terms of operation, fg1309, the main force of glass, holds multiple orders and strictly stops losses

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