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The scale of plastic bottle (barrel) industry continues to develop

plastic hollow containers are an important part of plastic packaging. In 2008, the output of plastic hollow containers (plastic bottles, plastic barrels, plastic boxes, plastic boxes, etc.) in China was about 3million tons, of which the output of beverage bottles and drinking barrels increased relatively fast

1. The output of plastic beverage bottles has increased rapidly. It is estimated that the market capacity in 2008 was nearly 2million tons

(L). The application proportion of PET bottles in carbonated beverage packaging accounted for 57.4%, and the market prospect is promising. At present, the enterprises with large PET bottle output in the industry include Zhuhai Zhongfu and Shanghai Zijiang group, which respectively occupy 30% and 20% of the domestic PET bottle market share

(2) with the sudden rise of the domestic tea beverage market, the output of tea beverages in 2008 reached more than 7million tons, so hot filled 85 ~ 90 ℃ PET bottles have become the fastest growing variety of polyester bottles, with an annual growth rate of more than 50%. In 2008, there were about 8billion polyester bottles for tea beverages, and the available plastic market capacity was about 320000 tons

(3). The development of polypropylene transparent packaging bottles is a hot spot in plastic packaging at home and abroad in recent years. With the successful development of transparent modifier nucleating agent, 0.1% - 0.4% sorbitol xylene (benzaldehyde) nucleating agent (Milliken, new Japan physics and chemistry, Erjing East Asia, mil lad3988, etc.) is added to ordinary pp. high transparent PP can be widely used in injection, extrusion, blow drawing, extrusion, hot containers, food and drug bottles, etc. its price is appropriate, and it is a competitor of PS, ABS, pet and PE bottles, It has broad market prospects

2. Drinking water bag bottles (barrels)

in 2008, there were more than 250 PC barrel production lines across the country, and the production capacity of each production line was about 200000. Therefore, the metering and mixing system required to be equipped within a suitable flow range. The annual production capacity of drinking water barrels across the country was about 50 million, and the actual output was about 40 million

3. Beer plastic packaging bottles have been applied

95% of beer in China is produced by pasteurization, and the use of packaging bottles is required to be resistant to 62-67 ℃. These requirements will cover the whole event and become a key issue in the development of plastic beer bottles

4. The development prospect of pharmaceutical solid dosage form packaging is broad.

according to statistics, the market capacity of pharmaceutical packaging in China reached 16.37 billion yuan in 2007 and about 18 billion yuan in 2008. At present, pharmaceutical packaging is becoming a branch of packaging field in China. With the reform of China's medical system, the variety of drugs, especially the composite materials used in this field, may not be able to adopt welding technology, and the type of drug packaging is also changing. From the original paper bag packaging, plastic bag packaging, glass bottles to the current polyethylene bottles, polypropylene bottles, polyester bottles, aluminum-plastic packaging, strip packaging. The backward situation of drug packaging has been reversed

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