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Green packaging: the inevitable choice of Chinese enterprises (Part 2)

Second, the connotation and characteristics of green packaging

green, which means natural plants, means plants are lush and vibrant, and represents life and vitality; Green packaging refers to the appropriate packaging that can be recycled, recycled or degraded, and that will not cause public hazards to human body and the environment during the final commissioning and optimization life cycle of the entire production line of the product before it is officially put into production. Green is advancing towards a better future for mankind. Packaging generally has four connotations, namely: the most economical materials, the least waste, and saving resources and energy; Easy to recycle and reuse; Waste combustion produces new energy without secondary pollution; The packaging materials shall be at least and decompose by themselves, without polluting the environment. Therefore, the goal of promoting green packaging is to preserve the maximum natural resources, form the minimum amount of waste and minimize environmental pollution. The connotation of green packaging is also doomed to its different characteristics from other packaging:

1. In line with ergonomics

the green packaging in the new century will develop towards the direction of ergonomics, that is, the trend of ergonomic packaging, that is, easy to use, reasonable handling, reliable storage, convenient interpretation, and meet the special psychological and physiological needs of various groups of consumers, especially the elderly. European and American countries have Ergonomics (Ergonomics) packaging specially designed for the elderly or patients

2. Low emission of hazardous substances

low emission of green packaging includes two aspects. First, the waste water, waste gas and waste discharged from the containers of packaging materials during production and processing should be low. Second, the discharge of additives in packaging container materials should be low or zero within the service life cycle. For example, lead and tin in cans, lead and cadmium in ceramics, lead and chromium in prints, lead, mercury and ethylene in plastics, formaldehyde in coatings and other emissions should meet safety and health standards to ensure the health of consumers

3. Protect the ecological environment

in the new century, green packaging should consider the balance of the whole earth's ecological environment, and choose environmentally friendly packaging containers (materials) and packaging design, such as using new polymer synthesis technology to connect degradable structural units to the polymer chain, so that this material can be photodegradated or biodegradable and bio photodegradable. Recently, the State Economic and Trade Commission issued an urgent notice to stop the production of disposable foamed tableware, do a good job of substitutes, curb "white pollution" and protect the environment

in addition, edible packaging materials replace the traditional plastic packaging technology, which effectively solves the contradiction between packaging materials and environmental protection. At present, edible packaging films mixed with soybean protein and starch are on the market, which can maintain moisture, block oxygen, and maintain the original taste and nutritional value of food. The other is chitosan edible packaging film, which extracts chitosan from shellfish and combines it with lauric acid to produce a uniform edible film, which has a good fresh-keeping effect. In addition, deacetylated chitosan is used as raw material and processed into packaging paper, which can be used for the packaging of fast-food noodles, condiments, bread, food and so on

moreover, tofu dregs are leftovers in the process of tofu production. China's annual production is 800000 tons. It is very ideal to make full use of this waste resource and make packaging containers with it as raw materials, which not only saves raw materials, but also avoids environmental pollution. It also adds the regulations that the protection levels for particles are: Kn90, kn95, kn100. The protection levels are attached as 7 End the experiment or carry out the next round of experimental value addition. The process is to mix an appropriate proportion of tofu residue, pulp and calcium hydroxide, add water, heat it at 5 ~ 80 ℃ for two hours, then filter it. The filtered substances can be molded into various containers, and finally dry the containers. Such a container has high strength, light weight and impermeability. The products can be decomposed after being buried underground for three months

4. save energy and resources

China is rich in resources and poor in resources, that is, the total amount of resources is large but the per capita amount is small. Therefore, we must follow the principle of energy conservation when developing green packaging. The first is to select energy-saving raw materials and technology for processing and packaging materials; the second is to turn them into new resources and energy to serve mankind again when they are discarded

China is a country with a large population and relatively insufficient resources. The development of "green packaging" is the inevitable choice of China's packaging industry and the development trend of packaging design in the new century. Facing this development trend, we should pay attention to the development and substitution of packaging materials. The international packaging industry has entered an era dominated by the development of environmentally friendly materials to replace traditional materials, and China's packaging industry should also actively follow up. Second, we should pay attention to the recycling and reuse of packaging waste to save energy and resources. Third, actively adapt to the global green consumption fashion, promote and guide the development of commodity packaging towards "green packaging", so that "green packaging" can be supported by consumers and the whole society. Fourth, in the gradually forming green consumption boom, the government should take corresponding measures to encourage and support renewable utilization and renewable packaging products enterprises. Fifth, improve the regulations and management system of green packaging as well as the regulations and rules of packaging waste recycling and disposal as soon as possible, so as to make green packaging move towards the legal system

commodity packaging design can guide the change of production mode and consumers' lifestyle. It plays an important role in the economic and cultural development of society. When carrying out packaging design, we should consider the design positioning from the macro perspective of the development of the whole society, advocate green packaging, promote the coordinated development of economy and ecology, and make the society move towards a more civilized society

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