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Liquid condiments: glass packaging is still dominant

condiments are auxiliary ingredients in catering and cooking, which cannot be consumed at one time like rice noodles. Therefore, there are some special requirements for condiment packaging, including repeated sealing, lightproof, stability and so on

soy sauce and vinegar can be regarded as the representatives of liquid condiments. There are many kinds of condiments, such as cooking wine and seasoning oil. In the era of planned economy, this has become the first industrialized preparation of high-quality polylactic acid polyols in the world. Glass bottles once unified the packaging of soy sauce and vinegar, but "so far, liquid condiments are still one of the last few positions in glass containers.". Glass bottle {hottag} does have its advantages, transparent, good barrier, low price, easy to reuse

in the early days, glass bottles were the only choice. In recent years, great changes have taken place. The pattern of glass bottles dominating the world has been broken, and plastic bags, PET bottles and concave barrels have successively entered the liquid condiment market. PET bottles are similar to glass bottles in terms of scale and capacity, but they are lighter and have better luster than glass bottles, and have bottle caps that can be used repeatedly; PE barrels are generally large in capacity, suitable for occasions where consumption is relatively fast, and the repeated sealing is also very good; Plastic bags provide better economy

however, glass bottle packaging still plays a leading role. In order to solve the problem of non resealability of the crown cap, it is the fatal weakness of glass bottle packaging. Now many glass bottles have been improved in bottle caps, and plastic bottle caps have been used for convenience. Some manufacturers hang a plastic cap on the glass bottleneck sealed by the crown cap. In this way, after the crown cap is opened, the process is to confirm the standard method. Replace this plastic cap and use it repeatedly

liquid condiments with small capacity, such as mustard oil, chili oil and some high-grade raw soy sauce, are still mainly packaged in glass bottles, but plastic bottle caps have been used. There is no ideal alternative packaging in this market for the time being

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