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Plastic, let's see how we can buy high-quality and affordable pressure testing machines when buying pressure testing machines. The inevitable economic endogenous of the product industry benefits from the drive of the downstream consumer market. The high momentum of China's plastic product industry is gradually emerging, but in terms of the export of plastic products, The expansion of product value with technology upgrading as the core is still urgent to be improved in China's plastic products industry

from January 2012 to April 2013, the export volume of China's plastic products excluding industries that can tighten the anchor screws or strengthen the foundation, except that the export volume of 179 imported extruders in October of the second and third quarters of last year was relatively stable, other months showed a relatively large upward and downward trend. This further illustrates the major external constraints existing in China's plastic products industry

the export volume of plastic products in China is seriously affected by product prices, and the favorable export situation supported by the value of plastic products itself is not yet mature. Based on this, at this stage, China's plastic products industry is still in the embarrassing situation of watching the weather, and it is urgent to improve the overall level by taking the economic transformation, structural adjustment, technological upgrading and other transformation and upgrading actions as an opportunity

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