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High temperature jigger industry standard examination and approval meeting held

the national textile machinery and accessories standardization technology can be safely used. The maintenance life of the spinning ball screw organized by the committee is much higher than that of the trapezoidal screw. The examination and approval meeting of the textile industry standard "high temperature jigger" was held in Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province recently

the meeting was presided over by Li Yi, director of the standard quality department of China Textile machinery and equipment industry association. A total of 26 people, including Professor chenzongnong of Zhejiang University, Professor Fangyuan of Zhejiang University of technology, Associate Professor Chen Gang, Dean of Zhejiang textile and clothing vocational and technical college, and Hu Hongbo, director of Zhejiang Fangzheng light textile machinery testing center, attended the meeting. The meeting was organized by Zhejiang Huahai Heli Technology Co., Ltd

at the examination and approval meeting, the standard setting working group of China Textile Machinery Association reported and explained to the participating experts and representatives on the task source of the standard, the establishment of the standard setting working group, the principle of standard setting, the main working process, the formation of the standard draft for examination, etc. Subsequently, all the representatives of the examination and approval meeting carefully and responsibly examined the draft of the standard "high temperature jigger" one by one according to the strict procedure of standard examination

after full discussion and careful examination and approval of the values in the list, the participating experts and representatives gave high comments on the draft of the standard for examination, but also put forward some modification opinions and suggestions to the point, and reached a consensus: this standard can be revised according to the opinions put forward by everyone, and then a draft for approval can be formed, which will be submitted to the Ministry of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China for approval through the China Textile Industry Association; The level of this standard is the domestic advanced level; At the same time, the nature of the standard is industry recommended standard

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