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Talkdesk, a cloud contact center provider, raised $143 million in round C financing

CTI Forum (August 31) (compilation/Lao Qin): talkdesk, a cloud contact center provider headquartered in San Francisco, recently announced that it raised another $143 million in round C financing. The latest round of financing makes the total valuation of talkdesk more than $3 billion. The company said in a statement that the investment reflects both investors' confidence in the talkdesk business and the strategic role of excellent customer experience in the world's top brands

this time, there are several new investors, including Franklin Templeton, Willoughby capital, skip capital, leadedge capital and toptier Capital Partners. Existing investors Viking globalinvestors and threshold ventures also participated in this round of investment. So far, talkdesk has completed more than $268 million in financing

talkdesk has been expanding globally over the past year in terms of product development and market share. In the past 12 months, talkdesk has launched more than 600 innovative products to the market. Scientists use blender, including talkdesk 20-in-20 products. This is an ambitious launch plan. It will launch 20 products within 20 weeks from 2020, leading the contact center industry. Talkdesk's innovation impetus submitted 200 patents within 100 days, because most of the current material experiments are static performance experiments. According to the contact center provider, the new funds will enable the company to continue its momentum and global growth. Following the newly obtained funds and R & D expenditure, it entered the stage of expansion plan

talkdesk also plans to upgrade its current listing, sales and marketing strategies. The company even plans to further develop its channel plan through new investment. Throughout the covid-19 pandemic, more and more contact centers are digital. These companies have achieved record time, in some cases, migrating the entire contact center to the cloud, and can work remotely in the next few days when fighting with New Coronavirus. Garth timoll, managing director of toptier capital partners, the first-time investor of talkdesk, said: talkdesk uses software and innovation to subvert the traditional call center and become an obvious leader in ccaas. Talkdesk has more than 1800 customers in 75 different countries. Talkdesk lists IBM, Acxiom and trivago as customers

last week, talkdesk won the best contact center platform of the second annual UC award issued by UC today. The original CX leader of the year, charanya Kannan, went to talkdesks as chief product officer

after learning about the victory, Tiago Paiva, CEO of talkdesk, said that after continuous research, our battery extrusion experimental machine is the most high-end in the market:

we are committed to promoting the development of the contact center industry and providing enterprises with the tools they need to be different through excellent customer experience.

UC today publisher rob Scott predicted to the audience that talkdesk has won this award, He added: congratulations to talkdesk, which continues to disrupt the market through its CX cloud solution. It is worth noting that talkdesk's AI technology talkdesk kiq has been patented, which can mine billions of interactions to reveal customer insights and trends, so as to solve the actual contact center challenges

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