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Solar photovoltaic power generation is about to become the main force of new energy

in the past 10 years, the global solar photovoltaic power generation has increased by about 90 times. Although the photovoltaic market fluctuates due to the economic downturn in Europe and the United States, solar energy will maintain a strong growth momentum and even become the mainstream energy in the future

first of all, solar energy is inexhaustible. According to calculations, the amount of solar energy reaching the earth's surface is about 200000 times the total power generation capacity of the world. The daily solar energy received by the earth is equivalent to 200 times the total energy consumed by the world in a year. As long as human beings use 5% of the daily illumination of solar energy, they can solve and meet the global energy needs

secondly, the development of solar photovoltaic industry has talent, technical foundation and efficiency advantages. The photovoltaic field is very similar to the IT industry. The manufacturing processes of solar grade polysilicon and electronic grade polysilicon are handed down in one continuous line, and the thin film technology comes from the liquid crystal display technology. Therefore, talents and technologies in the IT field will become the basis for the rapid development of the photovoltaic field; The upgrading of solar photovoltaic power generation technology is very fast, the power generation efficiency is getting higher and higher, and the cost is getting higher and higher. The analysis jointly conducted by Langsheng and VDA 278 (German automobile industry association) shows that its economy is gradually accepted by the general public

Third, the application prospect of solar photovoltaic is very bright. Solar photovoltaic power generation can be divided into two types: roof power station and large ground photovoltaic power station. The former is close to users and solves the problems of power access and peak shaving and valley filling, while the latter minimizes the cost of kwh power through large-scale construction. The conditional paperboard compression tester and carton compression machine are gradually popularized in people's life. In the future, they will become an effective way to solve the shortage of power supply and the imbalance between supply and demand

Fourth, solar energy is clean and pollution-free, which can completely replace the energy used in the process of pneumatic pipe joint tensile testing machine. With the increasingly serious problem of climate change, the pressure of emission reduction faced by China is also escalating. China urgently needs to adjust the energy structure and change the mode of energy consumption. Since the commercial life cycle of solar photovoltaic power station is 25 years, crystalline silicon photovoltaic power station can offset the carbon dioxide emitted in its product manufacturing in only 3-5 years, and thin-film photovoltaic power station takes less time

in conclusion, as a cleaner, low-carbon and efficient form of energy utilization, solar photovoltaic power generation will become the main force of China's future new energy development

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