Solution of Keneng market operation analysis syste

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Solution of Keneng market operation analysis system

(I) scheme overview

a system that provides market analysis and decision-making basis for manufacturing industry. It is a system developed by Keneng company, which has long served the manufacturing industry, based on many years of service experience and scientific analysis methods. It provides manufacturers with an effective

way to fully understand their own business development, users' use of business and the development of competitors, so as to know themselves and enemies and win every battle

business analysis

analyze the operation of various manufacturing businesses from multiple dimensions, such as business usage, business usage fee and the number of users, provide manufacturers with the development status, change trend, index prediction and influencing factors of business operation, and make accurate market prediction and decision-making

Customer Analysis

conduct multi-directional and multi angle analysis on customer profile, business used and consumption behavior, such as customer loyalty analysis, customer credit analysis, customer churn analysis, customer payment behavior analysis, etc. Provide personalized services for telecom operators according to the situation of customers, provide basis for identifying important customers, reduce customer loss and cultivate customer loyalty. Fully embody the customer-centered management concept

competitive analysis

establish a complete database of competitors, conduct all-round comparative analysis of competitors and track the dynamics of competitors, so as to deal with the changes of the market freely and have a good idea of the development of China's new materials 2025 and national defense equipment; Comprehensively analyze the number of users, business growth rate and other indicators. Provide manufacturers with a set of indicators reflecting the operation of the whole enterprise and its branches to comprehensively measure the development of the enterprise

· provide a variety of prediction models

· support user-defined reports

· support a variety of presentation methods. Different ways from one-dimensional, two-dimensional to three-dimensional space, from tables to curves, pie charts, bar charts Histogram and other different forms

· fully support Chinese display and processing when exploring the new development path of plastic granulator technology

· simple and convenient operation

(II) technical information

hardware platform (indicate the recommended IBM model): IBM X Series

software platform: DB2

operating system: Windows

applicable industry: manufacturing

applicable user group: manufacturing

(III) Success stories

success stories: (success stories based on IBM platform)

Customer Name: Guangxi Liuzhou Huali group

project time: 2003.3

recommended IBM products: software Pregis launched a new type of high-pressure protective packaging film: DB2

Hardware: ibm-x255

why choose IBM products or the benefits brought to users by this scheme

IBM products are cost-effective, and users feel very good about IBM


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