Solution of missile remote measurement and control

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Missile remote measurement and control system solution

missile guidance system is an intelligent equipment, including guidance. Their goal is to meet the new standard GB/t1499 (2) what is the difference between the steel bar bending machine and the disc steel bar bending machine in 018 "cylinder for reinforced concrete Part 2 hot rolled ribbed steel bar"? By providing environmental protection products of the same quality to replace the current subsystems such as plastic wire rod, control, measurement and overall amplification that damage the environment. The traditional measurement and control system has the disadvantages of low degree of automation, complex operation, poor reliability and high failure rate; The test data can not be timely analyzed. 7. The mask respiratory airflow resistance tester and the necessary comprehensive analysis can not make full use of the previous data

in order to meet the above application requirements, Yanxiang "EVOC" industrial control computer is selected as the main control computer of the remote measurement and control system. The purpose is to meet the collection and conditioning of various signals, analysis, storage, management and sharing of test data when the test points of the subsystem are centralized and the test points of the whole large system are scattered

[system principle

the measurement and control system is mainly composed of field measurement and control equipment and central server. The test system uses two "evocs" on the controller RS-232 serial port for communication. One interface is connected with the RS-232 serial port of scxi conditioning chassis, and the other serial port is connected with the RS-232 serial port of FieldPoint module. The server provides services for the test system, so that the obtained test data can be adjusted and analyzed in time, the problems in the test can be summarized and sorted out, stored in the database in the standard data format, and a perfect database system and expert system can be established to provide the basis for the follow-up work

[system block diagram

880 host: ipc-880/fsc-1715vn/P4 2.0g/hard disk 80g/memory 256M DDR

[system evaluation

this remote measurement and control system realizes the monitoring of the whole measurement and control system and the sharing of technical and data resources, timely analyzes and eliminates the problems in the test process, and realizes the function inspection and fault diagnosis of the system, system test and coefficient calibration, automatic adjustment and monitoring of working conditions, automatic measurement and processing of dynamic and static parameters, scientific management and retrieval of test results, and interaction and sharing of information resources The mutual visits between systems and subsystems and between subsystems can truly realize the remote network measurement and control system integrating measurement, control, monitoring and technical support


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