Innovative products of door and window enterprises

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With the increasingly serious homogenization of door and window goods in shopping malls, many enterprises have stepped up their innovation and developed new products in order to break through. This picture is encouraging, but it does not mean that the introduction of new products will definitely gain more market share. If door and window enterprises touch some bottom lines, it will have a negative effect. So, today, Guanhao door and window editor will talk to us about the bottom line that new doors and windows can't touch

first, fabricating out of thin air and cutting corners

door and window enterprises should fight a battle of preparation. The development of new products should be based on the needs of the mall. Only by thinking hard in the unit and conceiving freely, the final products can not be recognized by the mall dealers and consumers, resulting in the situation of "rotten production". In addition, some door and window enterprises with smaller planning have limited skills and funds, so as to save labor and materials. The goods they produce are usually inferior, and the way and content are relatively rough, which cannot be recognized by the mall

second, eager for success, blindly follow the trend

a single door and window enterprise only wants speed, does not ask difficulties, blindly thinking about "making money" and coveting short-term interests. The new products are rushed to market, and the quotation, way and promotion are completed by patting the head. Who knows that the new products are not sold smoothly in the mall, which is difficult to meet the expectations. It is often "lose your wife and lose your army". There are also some enterprises that follow what is popular in shopping malls, regardless of whether these products are suitable for them or not, they only focus on immediate interests, blindly follow the trend, and imitate in a swarm





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