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In modern life, the bathroom is not only a convenient place to wash away the dirt on your body, but also a place to adjust your body and mind and relax your nerves. Therefore, no matter in the space layout, or in the design of equipment materials, colors, lines, lights, etc., mastering the skills can make it the most effective

in modern life, the bathroom is not only a convenient place to wash away the dirt on your body, but also a place to adjust your body and mind and relax your nerves. Therefore, no matter in the space layout, or in the design of equipment materials, colors, lines, lights, etc., mastering the skills can make it the most effective

Silver Crystal bathroom cabinet Joyou Zhongyu bathroom

material selection of bathroom

the design of bathroom is basically convenient, safe, easy to clean and beautiful. Due to the heavy moisture in the bathroom, the interior decoration materials must be mainly waterproof materials. The walls and ceilings of the bathroom occupy the largest area, so materials that are waterproof, corrosion-resistant and mildew resistant should be selected to ensure indoor hygiene. Ceramic tiles, reinforcing plates and plastic wallpapers with waterproof functions can meet these requirements. Natural stone, such as marble, has a special texture, but it can't play an effect in a narrow bathroom

in terms of flooring, floor tiles made of natural stones are both impressive and durable; Large ceramic tiles are easy to clean and keep dry; The practical value of plastic floor is very high, and its anti-skid effect is more significant with decorative nails. At present, most families use anti-skid and wear-resistant bricks with various patterns and colors, and prepare bricks of various specifications according to the size of the space, about 300 mm × 300 mm, 200 mm × 300 mm, 200 mm × 200 mm, etc. Square or rectangular decorative tiles are used on the wall, together with waist lines, tiles and kick angle lines to increase the overall aesthetic feeling. At the same time, PVC buckle wallboard can also be used, which is simple and elegant with simple lines

the ceiling of the bathroom

the ceiling of the bathroom can be made of a variety of materials according to different shapes, such as PVC gusset plate, aluminum gusset plate, plastic aluminum plate and light steel keel. And the artistic ceiling such as dome type can be made of softer waterproof board, softer board, plastic aluminum board, or decorated with a variety of colored glass

in terms of general ceiling height, most family toilets in developed countries are relatively short, while in many domestic residences, the height of the toilet is the same as that of other rooms, so in order to avoid emptiness and coldness, the general ceiling height can be designed between 2.2 meters and 2.4 meters. When the area is more than 8 square meters, you might as well install a cosmetics cabinet above the washbasin, hang a suitcase far away from the water source, or set aside a place for daily dressing

color of bathroom

in color matching, the color effect of bathroom is composed of wall surface, ground materials, lighting, etc. The color of the bathroom is better in the cold color of cleanliness, and it is appropriate to match with similar colors and similar colors, such as light gray tiles, white bathtubs, milky white washdesks, and light yellow walls. You can also use clear and simple warm colors, such as milky white, ivory yellow or rose red walls, assisted by floors with similar colors and simple patterns. Against the soft and diffuse light, it not only widens the vision of the space and multiplies the warmth, but also becomes more elegant, clean and pleasant. Black with gold represents mystery and nobility. Together with glass, marble, and mirror, the light scattered a little starlight, making it even more brilliant and extraordinary. In addition, the bathroom boldly uses black-and-white super elements, which are clear, concise and clean, and decorated with green plants, which can add a lot of vitality

selection of sanitary ware in bathroom

family bathroom usually includes toilet and bathroom (most families are combined into one), and its composition can be roughly divided into three parts: sanitary ware area, bathing area and face washing and beauty area. There are close connections between each region and functional differences at the same time

the first choice of toilet is to determine the drainage mode of the toilet: the lower row or the back row. If it is the lower row, the distance between the sewage outlet and the wall must be measured, and it is necessary to choose according to this size, otherwise the best toilet will not make the best use of everything. The second is the drainage performance. The performance of the toilet is flushing, water saving and mute. Now people are very interested in “ Flush ” Second, there are misunderstandings in understanding that it is OK to discharge the dirt from the toilet. In fact, flushing has two meanings. First, rush out of the toilet. The second is to flush out the sewage pipe, and only when the two are available can they be completely flushed. Water saving and mute is a hot trend, so this kind of product is greatly favored by users. This kind of toilet should be purchased mainly from the aspects of drainage mode, pipe location, internal structure and toilet accessories. At present, the drainage mode of toilet is mainly siphon and flushing. Siphon is to use the water level difference between the overflow sewage pipe and the water seal to produce suction sewage; Flushing is to use the impact of water flow to achieve a sewage discharge. There are also contradictions here. The water-saving of flushing type is better than that of siphon type, but the volume is high; The mute effect of conjoined toilet is stronger than that of split toilet, but it is used in a large amount. Finding the best combination of the two is the key to your choice

at present, there are two kinds of washbasins in the market: table basin and column basin. They have no difference in function, but there are differences in form. The basin is suitable for toilets with large bays, which looks solemn and grand; The column basin is suitable for the toilet with compact layout and looks exquisite and chic. The choice of bathtub tends to acrylic cylinder, because acrylic profile is light in weight, low in thermal conductivity, easy to clean, and feels good. The design is more in line with human body shape, but the price is higher than steel cylinder

glaze is not only the face of sanitary ware, but also the internal quality. Good sanitary ware glaze is smooth and uniform, with strong acid-base resistance, low water absorption, no dirt, and easy to clean. It is the “ Favor ” Point. It is a choice that depends on your skillful hands and unique vision. The choice of sanitary ware style and color depends on personal preferences, and the white health center is clean and bright; The black and white bathroom looks youthful and energetic; The colorful bathroom highlights personality and style. The simple, elegant, concise and avant-garde style is the complete display of the new concept of life. Living and personalization are no longer the patents of the living room and bedroom

the choice of hardware matched with sanitary ware should be “ Pay more attention to quality than appearance ”, Good faucets adopt ceramic core valves, which are closely integrated with the shell and durable. The choice of such faucets can only be based on the feel of the hand. Those with harsh feel should be purchased carefully, and remember to ask for the inspection certificate and warranty when buying

generally speaking, if you do the above points, the choice of sanitary ware in the bathroom is basically qualified. Of course, the harmony and unity of sanitary ware, wall tiles and floor tiles can not be ignored, so that the bathroom will make you comfortable

bathroom lighting and electrical appliances

generally, incandescent lamps should be selected for the overall lighting of the bathroom, and soft brightness is enough, but independent lamps must be set beside the vanity mirror for local lighting supplement, and fluorescent lamps can be selected for the local lighting in front of the mirror to increase the feeling of warmth, openness and freshness. In the selection of bathroom lamps, the lamps should be sealed with glass or plastic with reliable waterproof and safety. In the shape of lighting, you can choose according to your own interests and hobbies, but it should not be too much and too low during installation, so as to avoid cumbersome or accidents such as splashing and collision

at the same time, pay special attention to the ventilation equipment and electrical appliances in the bathroom. The ventilation equipment can adopt economical exhaust fan, and the sanitary use of water heater should prevent gas leakage. In addition, the power switches and sockets in the bathroom must be placed outside the bathroom to prevent leakage due to humidity and avoid accidents




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