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At the beginning of 2015, the large-scale promotion activity of "running bar Xindi Jiamei" 3 ・ 15 was officially staged in Jinan. Let you satisfy all your desires at one time: low price? Big name? Quality? Want a discount Wonderful not to be missed

do you know the "big shot" in Jinan building materials and home furnishing industry? That is "Xindi Jiamei"! Can't you think that Jinan will see the charm of domestic famous brands? Then go to Xindi Jiamei! Buy wooden doors to Xindi Jiamei! This is face! No matter how much money you have, you must go to Xindi Jiamei for consumption once! No matter your home decoration is of Shenma grade, at least one piece is purchased from Xindi Jiamei! No matter how many gifts your family has, at least one is from Xindi Jiamei! This is also face

in early 2015, the big drama "run it Xindi Jiamei" 3 ・ 15 large-scale promotional activities were officially staged in Jinan. Let you satisfy all your desires at one time: low price? Big name? Quality? Want a discount Wonderful not to be missed

on February 28, Xindi Jiamei team held a simple activity launching ceremony under the guidance of zhangzhaolun, a teacher from Xindi business school. At the kick-off meeting, Mr. Zhang elaborated on the implementation plan of this activity in detail, which made team members have a deeper understanding of the activity and full of confidence in the activity. After the meeting, everyone made military orders, PK each other and swore to complete the task. The high fighting spirit and determination to win of Jinan team seem to show the team spirit of "Iron Army"

on March 1, in Jinan Jinniu building materials market, Xindi Jiamei team kicked off the activity in the passionate morning meeting. At the meeting, Xindi Jiamei team proved their determination to win in this "battle" with high slogans and neat money grabbing dance

on the first day of the event, many citizens came to the store to buy wooden doors, and the scene was very popular

in this crazy promotional activity, the top ten brands of ecogate - Xindi Jiamei Jinan store Juhui 3 ・ 15, provides one-stop shopping services for owners who are renovated in the spring of 2015. Xindi Jiamei Jinan store has launched multiple discounts, the warm-up time of the activity is more generous, and the miracle of big brand rush buying is about to be staged. renovation? You want to spend a lot of money? It's not that easy. Xindi Jiamei Jinan store is forcing you to save money

if you are shopping for wooden doors, and if you are paying attention to the 315 promotional activities, xindijia Meimu door will definitely give you a great surprise. If you want to save money, you can take part in the 3.15 activity of "run ~ Xindi Jiamei". There is everything here. Tear up the famous brand to win 10000 yuan in cash, and form an alliance to win 1000 Yuan grand prize. It's great, dazzling and shiny





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