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Balcony decoration should avoid

1. Creating a good feng shui balcony has a particular orientation

has always been the highlight of home decoration, but due to capital or other reasons, residents often only pay attention to the layout of the main room, ignore the balcony, and even turn the balcony into a chore room, which is actually a very bad phenomenon in home feng shui

good luck orientation: East or south is better

generally speaking, the orientation of the balcony is better to face east or south. The balcony faces to the East, and the old saying says purple comes from the East. The so-called purple gas is auspicious gas. The auspicious gas enters the house through the balcony, and the Lord's family is auspicious and safe. Moreover, the sun can shine into the balcony early in the morning when the sun rises in the East. The whole house looks bright and warm, and the family is therefore energetic

the best location: it is appropriate to be fresh

the balcony is a space for communicating with nature. Keep it clean and tidy, and do not stack sundries. You can do some decorative beautification on the side wall and ground of the balcony, such as installing some lingering decorations on the side wall; Or do some waterscape decoration is also very fresh and pleasant; Plant flowers and plants on the balcony to create a small garden space and add natural scenery to the home

favorable decoration: the open-air balcony is covered

for urbanites living in apartments, the balcony is a very important transition to communicate with the outside world. Leisurely drinking tea, chatting and reading idle books between heaven and earth are desirable leisurely. In fact, it is not complicated to build a balcony with full leisure functions. It is enough to cover the open-air balcony

bad feng shui Balcony: ventilation and lighting should be sufficient

the balcony is a medium connecting home and nature. As a connection point, people are happy to stay in this refreshing place, so the ventilation and lighting of the balcony must be better, and it is best to have sunshine. In this way, it is not in vain to call it a balcony

2. Balcony Feng Shui is family luck. Be careful about balcony bad feng shui

balcony is the most spacious place of the house and the closest to nature. Therefore, it can absorb the sunshine, air and rain outside the house, and it is the place for home to accept the gas. Good and bad luck flow back and forth in this river. If the purpose of good luck is achieved through some beautification steps in this area, it will be of great help to the improvement of family health and fortune

there are 4 pages in total, page 1 1234 taboo directions on the next page: the balcony should not be in the West or North

if the home environment wants to be harmonious and not conflicting, it is necessary to arrange all parts of the directions well, and there should be no conflict. The balcony is a sunny place, and it should avoid the wet and cold places in the home, such as bathroom; Therefore, the balcony should not be designed in the north or west of the bathroom

bad location: the balcony is facing the door and kitchen

the location of the entrance and exit door should not be facing the balcony, which forms the so-called heart piercing. It is not easy to gather money at home, and there will be money breaking. If the balcony is facing the door or kitchen, you can pull the curtain for a long time to block it, or you can stop the flowers and plants to cushion it

Wrong layout: balcony into the interior

in order to increase indoor space, many people like to push the balcony into the interior, which not only sacrifices safety, but also destroys the good feng shui of the original house, and the impact is self-evident. Fortunately, the government demolished this part of the illegal construction as soon as it was reported, and increased the punishment, so as not only to ensure the safety of the people in the event of accidents, but also to prevent the people from inadvertently destroying the feng shui of their homes

bad decoration: keep animals on the balcony

many urban families are used to keeping small animals on the balcony because of their small living space. However, raising animals will produce excreta and odor, which will directly affect the family if they are not diligent in cleaning

3. Home and environment related balcony Feng Shui looks at the environment

balcony is a relatively large boundary between indoor and outdoor. Most balconies are open or separated by glass doors and windows, so they are very vulnerable to the adverse environment and noise of the outside world. Understand the balcony Feng Shui taboo, when buying a house, you can avoid the house with obvious defects on the balcony

straight into the environment: the balcony should not be straight into the street

if you look out of the balcony and see the street straight in front, like a fierce tiger, it is a very inappropriate pattern. More importantly, the fast-moving vehicles and noise on the straight road will continue to impact the residents through the balcony, disrupting the peaceful life magnetic field and affecting the quiet atmosphere of the residents, which is very detrimental to the health of the residents

impact environment: balcony should not face sharp corners to impact

there are 4 pages in total, page 1 1234 next page in the traditional Chinese concept, Su likes harmony, and is particularly sensitive to sharp corners, which should be avoided as much as possible. If there is a sharp angle in front of the balcony, we must try to resolve it. Most of the common sharp corners are the sharp corners of adjacent buildings. The sharper and closer these sharp corners are, the more detrimental it is to housing transportation

road environment: the balcony should not face the anti bow road

the streets of the city are curved and straight. If you look out of the balcony and see the street in front of the house curved, and the corner straight towards the balcony, this is the pattern of anti bow. It can be used as a flower rack to plant climbing plants or rotate potted plants to isolate the inside and outside

zigzag environment: the balcony should not face zigzag buildings

now there are some good houses in European style. In order to increase indoor space and daylighting, large bay windows are added, so the outer wall is easy to form a sharp phase, which looks like a row of sharp zigzags

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the sofa is one of the most important furniture in the living room. The placement of the sofa determines the pattern of the living room and is also related to Feng Shui. So what should we pay attention to when placing the sofa? Next, check the taboos of placing Feng Shui on the sofa in the living room, and you can understand it

Feng Shui taboos for sofa placement in the living room. First, the sofa must not be directly opposite the door

if the sofa is in a straight line with the living room door, it will do great harm. It will lead to the separation of family and wealth. When there is no other way, remember to put a screen between the door and the sofa to prevent the airflow from rushing directly into the sofa, so as to protect wealth from leakage and family reunion. The sofa should be arranged in a U-shaped shape. The depression of the U-shaped shape is the air receiving position of Feng Shui, which can store wind and gather gas. It is said that it is more beneficial than A-shaped placement

placing Feng Shui taboos on sofa in sand living room II. Hair is most afraid of beam capping

beam capping is a big taboo in living room, bedroom or kitchen. If there is a beam on the sofa, it will have a great impact, so we must avoid it. If you really have to put it under the beam, you must put two pots of Kaiyun bamboo on the tea table on both sides of the sofa to bear the pressure of Feng Shui

Feng Shui taboos for sofa placement in the living room. Third, it is best to place the sofa against the wall, not directly facing the channel, not without a back

in terms of Feng Shui, there are backers against the wall, and there are no worries about the future. If there are doors, windows and passages behind the sofa, and there is no wall to lean on, it will form a situation of dissipation, and people and money are difficult to prosper. The remedy is to put furniture such as screens and low cabinets behind the sofa and make artificial backers. The situation is slightly better. If there is a window, door anchor line or channel behind the sofa, it is also equal to no backer behind it. From the perspective of psychology, the back of the sofa is empty and lacks a sense of security. If there is really no solid wall behind the sofa, the more effective way to improve it is to place the low inventory building materials cabinet or screen behind the sofa, which is called "artificial backer", and it will also play a remedial role

Feng Shui taboos for sofa placement in the living room. 4. The sofa must not be in line with the door.

if the sofa is in line with the door, Feng Shui calls it "hedging", which has great disadvantages, which will lead to the loss of family members and the loss of wealth. In this case, it is best to remove the sofa to avoid colliding with the gate. If there is no place to move, you have to put a screen between the two. In this way, the air flowing into the house from the gate will not directly rush into the sofa, the family will not be dispersed and can gather together, and the wealth will not be leaked

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