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When decorating the children's room, attention should be paid to material selection and environmental protection according to the space size

the children's room has always been the focus of home decoration and social attention. Every parent wants to provide a safe and pleasant environment for their baby. What materials should be selected for decorating the children's room? What should we pay attention to in the decoration? With the arrival of the June 1st Festival, the large-scale public welfare activity of "paying attention to the environmental protection and decoration of children's houses" of Yangtze Evening News kicked off

children's fun space requirements 1

play, study and rest "color matching according to the area"

if there is any difference between the decoration of children's room and other decoration including new houses, wedding houses and even second-hand houses, it is that the decoration of children's room is the strictest requirement in all home decoration categories. Because children need childlike and safe home space, it tests the designer's design; Because children need an environmentally friendly living environment, the quality of the project is tested; Because children need a beautiful imagination atmosphere, they test the collocation skills of late accessories

in the communication, the designer specially mentioned that the children's room is different from the adults' bedroom. In addition to the function of providing a rest space, it also needs to have a play area, a game area, a learning area, etc. Therefore, try to lean the furniture against the wall, and try to combine the furniture that can be combined, such as making a high-low bed, and under the bed is the children's desk, lockers, etc., to create a small world of everything for children

in terms of color and space matching, it is best to choose bright, relaxed and pleasant children's room, and you may wish to contrast more colors. Orange and yellow bring joy and harmony, pink brings peace, and green is the closest to nature. The sea blue series makes children's hearts more free and open. Warm colors such as red and brown give people a warm, fashionable and efficient feeling. Use these to distinguish the space effect of different functions is the best, and the transition color can generally choose white. In the process of growing up, don't jump too much. You can use the star top and cloud top to meet the children's fairy tale world

childlike space requires 2

selection of materials is environmentally friendly, and it must also be based on the size of the space

as we all know, decoration is the main factor causing indoor environmental pollution. Decoration pollution will have an adverse impact on the health of residents, and it is more harmful to children in the growing period. Therefore, when decorating the children's room, the owners will pay attention to the choice of materials and try to choose the main materials with high environmental protection grade. However, it is very easy to ignore the auxiliary materials in construction. Insiders pointed out that it is also important to choose environmentally friendly auxiliary materials, especially waterproof coatings, adhesives, paint solvents, putty powder, etc

at the same time, it should also be noted that not all the decoration uses environmental protection materials, and the children's room will certainly meet the environmental protection requirements. As the children's room is generally small, if too many materials are used, it will cause the release of harmful substances to increase. Therefore, when determining the decoration design scheme of the children's room, attention should be paid to the space bearing capacity, indoor fresh air volume, and reserved pollution advance to ensure that the final environmental protection standards




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