Five price traps in decoration

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Decoration price trap 1. Some decoration projects that must be done are deliberately omitted from the quotation of "missing projects", and consumers' psychology of trying to be cheap is seized. First, they are attracted at a low price, and then they are raised item by item during construction, so that the owners have to do it, and the result is to pay more money. The second trap of decoration price is that the engineering quantities are falsely reported in the "false quantity" budget. There are a little more here and there. In summary, there are many more reports. Decoration price trap 3, "boring package" will add up multiple decoration projects and quote a mixed price

decoration price trap 1, "missing items"

deliberately omit some necessary decoration items in the quotation, grasp the psychology of consumers seeking cheap, first attract them at a low price, and then put them forward one by one during the construction, so that the owners have to do it, and the result is to pay more money

decoration price trap 2, "false quantity"

false quantities in the budget, a little more here and there, and a lot more together

decoration price trap 3, "boring bag"

add multiple decoration projects together and quote a mixed price, including both this and that. You can't see anything clearly in the quotation and hide some higher prices

decoration price trap 4, "playing with materials"

raise the price of materials in the design stage, or confuse the brand and grade of materials, while in the construction stage, shoddy materials are replaced by inferior ones, stealing beams and columns, taking more kickbacks, etc

decoration price trap five, "virtual discount"

first offer a high price, and then give a discount. In fact, the quotation after the discount is still much higher than the actual cost. In essence, the discount of home decoration and building materials is the result of the internal requirements of the development of the decoration market. It is OK to treat the discount as it is, and the discounts you can get should of course be won, but it is better to be less impulsive and more calm when making specific choices





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