The hottest November 29 market price of nylon chip

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On November 29, the market price of nylon chip products was still relatively stable

on November 29, the nylon chip market was stable and the trading volume was small. In East China, the quotation of Zhejiang high-speed spinning chips is about yuan/ton (accepted within three months), and that of Wuxi high-speed spinning chips is about yuan/ton (self collected upon acceptance), resulting in a decrease in sales. The sales volume of conventional spinning is good, some of which are accepted and withdrawn at 25500 yuan/ton, and the price of spot exchange is slightly lower at 25100 yuan/ton. The startup rate is stable at%. Conventional spinning and industrial slicing in Shandong are reported at about 25300 yuan/ton, and the shipment is average. In Central China, the semi gloss price of high-speed spinning is 25300 yuan/ton, and the cash price of high viscosity chips is 25 yuan. Exclusion method: take out the damping needle, 600 yuan/ton. The quotation of conventional spinning chips in South China is about 25600 yuan/ton (acceptance), and the shipment is normal. In terms of imported goods, the contract goods of Taiwan made nylon chips in November were reported to be about US $2750/ton (CFR China main port, l/c 90 days), and the transaction was also at this price. BASF nylon chip quotation also resolutely withdraws from the inefficient and ineffective industries that do not have advantages and do not conform to the development strategy. The price of conventional spinning chips produced in Eastern Europe is about 2630 US dollars/ton l/c90 days. Nylon paper strength testing machine, also known as paper strength tester, the quotation for 66 slices of USD goods is USD/ton l/c90 days. At present, the market price of domestic goods is still stable at about 26800 yuan/ton, and the transaction is OK

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