The hottest November 7 Shengze chemical fiber Mark

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On November 7, supported by the strong strength of polyester raw materials, the price of polyester filament in Shengze and Jiaxing increased steadily and slightly, but the trading volume remained stable compared with that on November 6. The production and sales rate of local spinning mills was generally flat or slightly higher. Today, POY, FDY, DTY and composite silk varieties in Tongxiang area have risen by 50 yuan/ton. In Taicang, POY conventional products of mainstream factories and 150d/144f increased cooperation between industry, University, research and application by 50 yuan/ton

from the perspective of variety trend, the FDY full extinction silk in Shengze market is selling well, and the market supply is tight; DTY rough denier sales improved; The production and sales of POY silk are relatively stable. In terms of price, the market center prices of FDY 50d/24f, fdy63d/24f and fdy100d/72f are 14500 yuan/ton, 13700 yuan/ton and 13100 yuan/ton respectively; The market center prices of dty75d/36f and dty10 () at the time of purchase are 15000 yuan/ton, 14000 yuan/ton and 16700 yuan/ton respectively; The market center prices of POY 75d/36f and poy150d/144f are 13200 yuan/ton and 12500 yuan/ton respectively. The cationic silk market rebounded. From the perspective of market price dynamics, for example, the prices of fdy66d/24f, 100d/48f and 150d/72f at the end of last week were 14500 yuan/ton, 13400 yuan/ton and 13000 yuan/ton. The market center price of DTY 75d/36f last weekend was 16100 yuan/ton; The market center prices of POY 50d/48f and 75d/36f this weekend were 13100 yuan/ton and 12900 yuan/ton respectively. Compared with the price of the previous week, the price of some hot selling products increased by 100 yuan/ton. At present, the main sales volume is fdy63/24f, 75d/36f and other fine denier silk. At present, the downstream capital and grey cloth inventory are still under great pressure, and they are still very cautious about the purchase of raw materials. However, traders believe that the current polyester market is not very operational, and their intention to enter the market is not strong. However, under the doubt that the upstream raw material price cost has not been well handled and raised until now, the overall market trend of polyester in the future will remain upward

the conventional "flat spray" trade of chemical fiber lining fabric is still flat, the product transaction prices among market manufacturers are very chaotic, and the overall quotation is still stable. The market trading volume of semi elastic spring Asian textile products continued to rise and the buying increased, with the main dynamic sales of products above 170t and 190T; The sales of knitted warp knitted fabrics remained in a good and stable state. Fabric condition. Dayou bright jacquard stable Oxford cloth series products in other regions also showed a good sales momentum, such as polyester Dayou bright Oxford cloth (420D × 420D) the largest shipment. The prospect of elastic Oxford cloth seems to be more promising, and downstream buyers are increasing day by day. The overall sales of all Matt polyester taff series fabrics dropped slightly; Semi dull Multi-f wave satin fabric continues to sell well; Nisi spinning marketable series of all Matt 210t fabrics, the market shipment has increased recently, but the current price is barely stable. Air jet products such as brocade and cotton and conductive cloth have a certain purchasing power. It is expected that the future fabric trading volume will be moderately enlarged

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