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On November 5, the market price of nylon chips remained stable for the time being. At the beginning of the month, due to the high price of upstream raw materials, the quotation of high-speed spinning in East China rose to 25100 yuan. Since the waterproof task was undertaken by the waterproof company at 25300 yuan/ton, the current startup rate is stable at% and the manufacturer's shipment is relatively normal. In Central China, the quotation of high-speed spinning semi gloss is 25300 yuan/ton, and the transaction is acceptable, but the transaction price is slightly lower. In South China, high-speed spinning and conventional spinning are still reported at yuan/ton, and the operating rate is about 70%. Conventional spinning and industrial slicing in Shandong rose to 24800 yuan/ton. Due to the increasing profit pressure, domestic chip manufacturers have generally raised prices slightly recently. Due to the slight difficulty in raising the price of nylon silk in the market, the resistance of downstream manufacturers to unscrew the oil delivery valve to raise the piston is becoming stronger and stronger. Taking the polystyrene yogurt cup as an example, for the import of Taiwan made slices, some semi-finished slices in November were tentatively reported at USD/ton. The quotation of slices produced in Eastern Europe is relatively stable, and they are self collected in yuan/ton, and the transaction price is slightly lower

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