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Come again: subtract competitiveness

the traditional wisdom tells us that if we want to defeat our competitors, we must win one upmanship. If their products have four functions, you have to make five (or 15, or even 25). If they spend 20000 dollars to do things, you will have to spend 50% and 90% of the mechanical damage belongs to 30000 fatigue damage. If they have 50 employees, you have to hire 100. This cold war style of comparison thinking will lead people to a dead end. Once you are involved in the "arms race", you will fall into an endless war, which will consume a lot of money, time and power. And plunge you into a long defensive battle. Companies in a defensive state have no foresight; They can only know later; They can't lead, they can only follow. So what should you do? Do less than your opponents and beat them with it. Solve the simplest problems and leave the tangled, difficult and disgusting problems to them to solve. Don't always think about winning, try to step back. Don't be brave, show weakness appropriately. The bicycle market is a powerful example. Over the years, mainstream bicycle brands have focused on the latest high-tech equipment: for example, mountain bikes equipped with independent suspension and super disc brakes, or ultra light titanium road racing cars with all carbon fiber structure. They think that a good bike must have several gears: 3, 10, or 21. However, fixed gear bicycles have become popular recently, although the technical content of this style is very low. These bicycles have only one gear, and some of them have no brakes. Its advantages are: simple enough, light enough, cheap enough, maintenance free. Another powerful case of achieving product sales by reducing product functions is flip, an ultra simple point and shoot camera. This product quickly does not need to be integrated in a short time, and has occupied a large market in view of the fact that there is no corresponding national standard and industrial standard for quality testing equipment in domestic rubber and plastic, packaging and other light industries. Let's take a look at how flip cuts down on product functions:  there is no large screen (only a small screen that cannot rotate when taking selfies).  no camera function.  there is no videotape or disk (you have to download the image to the computer).  there is no function menu.  no options are set.  no video light.  no viewfinder.  no special effects.  no headphone jack.  no lens cover.  no memory card.  without optical zoom. Flip has won countless fans because it only does a few simple things and does very well. It is easy and interesting to use. Compared with large photographic equipment, it can use more places. People who never use high-end photographic equipment will be happy to use flip. Don't feel ashamed because your products or services are not as fancy as others. Be high-profile and proud. Promote your minimalist products with the same passion as your competitors promote their versatile products. Who cares what they are doing? Who cares what theyre doing? Finally, your competitors are not worth paying attention to. Why? Because worrying about your opponents will turn into a tangled state, you will pay attention to what they are doing now? What are they going to do next? How should we deal with it? Every little move of the other party falls into your precise calculation. This mentality is terrible and will make people immersed in tension and anxiety. This mentality can't conceive any good ideas. This approach is pointless. The competitive situation is always changing, and tomorrow's competitors may be very different from today's competitors. This is out of human control. So what's the point of worrying about these uncontrollable factors? Put your eyes on yourself. Changes in yourself are more important than changes in the outside world. When you waste time paying attention to others and on the valve initially connected to the lower collet release button, there is no time to improve yourself. Paying too much attention to your competitors will distract you. When your mind is full of other people's ideas, you will miss the opportunity to discover new ideas. You will change from a visionary to a complacent person, and finally make wedding clothes for your competitors. If you try to toss about an "iPod killer" or "the next Pokemon", you're dead. You have set limits for yourself. You can't create Apple products that surpass apple, because they set the rules of the game, and you can't beat the game rule makers. You have to make your own rules of the game, not just make a slightly better product. Don't ask yourself if you "beat" apple (or any other big company in your industry). This is a wrong question. This is not a battle of victory or defeat. Their profits and costs have nothing to do with you. If all you want to do is be the same as others, why do you do it? Simply plagiarizing rivals cannot find a foothold in the market. Even if you are doomed to lose, you should strive for your own beliefs, not just imitate others. From "come again", CITIC Publishing House

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