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Ingenuity to deep practical to still new jia'an tire series products shock to market

ingenuity to deep practical to still new jia'an tire series products shock to market

in Moscow, a research team of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) has developed a 3D printable polymer made entirely from biological materials. Recently, Jiatong tire, the world's leading tire manufacturer, announced the new launch of its jia'an brand passenger tire. As a new sub brand of Jiatong tire in the passenger car tire market, in the future, jia'an tire will share a dual brand strategy with Jiatong tire. The two sides share the globally integrated technology research and development and production process, and are committed to providing more high-performance tire solutions for Chinese car owners. The newly launched jia'an tires include jia'an PS20 and ps21 for cars, jia'an px50 for SUVs and jia'an pv600 for light passengers. The positioning of the new jia'an tires pays more attention to economic practicality, takes durability as the first element, and creates safe and reliable "national style" tire products, striving to meet the growing driving and riding needs of Chinese car owners

market segmentation customized to meet the multi scene driving experience

jia'an brand has launched four series for the car, SUV and mini light passenger market, namely PS20 for class A and B cars, ps21 for A0 and class a cars, px50 for SUV owners, and pv600 for micro passenger and light passenger cars. These four products take into account the commonality of wear resistance and practicality, It also carries out more precise and in-depth customization for the use scenarios of different types of users, passing the "three high" quality of high comfort, high security and high cost performance to consumers with different experiences, meeting the different needs of car owners in various fields

jia'an PS20 and jia'an ps21 are high comfort tires specially designed for cars. Among them, PS20 is more mainstream car owners, while ps21 is dominated by special cars, taxis and other operating drivers. The two Jiaan tire tread compounds are added with nano reinforced carbon black to ensure that the products are more wear-resistant. The high-strength double-layer carcass structure design makes the sidewall more impact resistant; At the same time, taking into account the wetland grip and comfort, it can easily cope with various climates and driving and riding needs

as a special tire for SUV, jia'an px50 is good at durability and quietness. The closed shoulder design, combined with multi pitch staggered arrangement of pattern blocks, combined with high-strength crown belt and 3b stiffness check and balance technology, optimizes the sidewall stress damping range, provides a quiet and comfortable driving experience for drivers, and meets the daily travel needs of SUV owners

jia'an tire pv600 is a standard block for calibrating the hardness tester of high load-bearing wear-resistant tires specially designed for light passenger cars. It can't be used on both sides. The high-strength carcass structure combined with larger and stronger bead triangle rubber meets the high load-bearing needs of light passenger car owners to the greatest extent; The high wear-resistant tread formula is matched with continuous and strong pattern blocks to fully meet the needs of light bus owners who do not change tires for long-distance running

enjoy electronic quality assurance service experience personalized value-added service

Jiatong tire is optimistic about the strong growth potential of the domestic auto express service market, and hopes to provide users with a more convenient and humanized electronic platform through technological upgrading, so that car owners can personally experience higher quality personalized value-added services. From products to services, thanks to the global R & D platform of Jiatong, Jiatong tire has become a pioneer in leading the industry trend with its excellent R & D and manufacturing and core technology. It has always been committed to further implementing the concept of "lean manufacturing" green industrial chain from Singapore. In order to provide better services to consumers, Jiaan electronic warranty will be issued from October to experience intimate value-added services and enrich purchase channels, It complements the advantages of Jiatong brand tire stores and provides consumers with a multi-directional solution for convenient travel. Car owners who buy Jiaan tires can apply for registration through the official official account of "GITI Jiatong tires". From the date of registration, they will receive a 3-year warranty, and enjoy a 1-year free replacement service, eliminating worries at home

about GITI Jiatong tire

giti Jiatong tire () was founded in Singapore and is one of the world's leading tire manufacturers. GITI Jiatong relies on its excellent products and services, selling well in more than 130 countries around the world, and has won the trust of many well-known automobile manufacturers at home and abroad, becoming its long-term cooperative tire supplier

GITI Jiatong tire has eight tire manufacturing plants in China, Indonesia and the United States. China Jiatong tire plants have obtained iems-gray: the thermal resistance of materials is proportional to temperature, so/ts16949 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system certification and ISO18001 occupational health and safety management system certification. At the same time, the four major R & D centers in the United States, Germany, China and Indonesia and the British tire testing center have worked closely together to build their global R & D strength. GITI Jiatong tire is actively involved in car racing. Through the extreme challenge of tire performance, it continues to refine its research and development technology and feed back to the civil tire market

at present, Jiatong has nearly 70000 professional retail service terminals all over the world, covering five continents, providing perfect tire solutions for car owners and fleets, making excellent products and services within reach

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