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New environmental protection packaging with perfect combination of creativity and functionality

normal align= because of its high sensor accuracy (some reaching 21.05 million), it can also test the friction coefficient left> "starch mold" is a new green packaging material launched by Shanghai Shengbai Packaging Industry Co., Ltd. It applies the patented production technology imported from the Netherlands to make a new generation of packaging products from all natural materials such as starch and fiber through dyeing, beating, injection molding and other processes

Shanghai Shengbai Packaging Industry Co., Ltd. is one of the only companies in Asia authorized to produce starch based mold products

normal> starch matrix has the following characteristics:

normal>1, neat and beautiful appearance, rich color

normal>2. It is easy to shape the simple relief effect of the working stable surface of the table

normal>3. The product is 100% fully degraded and recyclable in Europe

normal>4, convenient for stacking and sorting

normal>5. Light and solid structure

normal>6. The shape can be designed flexibly according to the characteristics of the contents and customer needs, and has anti-counterfeiting function

normal> product performance of starch based mold:

normal align=center> test item

normal align=center> value

normal align=c meets the performance needs of the sports industry again enter> remarks

normal align=center> surface resistance

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