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On December 9, 2009, Haoke beach announced that its flagship model Haoke 4000 super medium business aircraft obtained the model certificate from the Civil Aviation Administration of China on November 30. As the world's first ultra medium-sized business aircraft with innovative composite fuselage, Haoke 4000 is another advanced Haoke beach aircraft that has been certified in China after Haoke 800/750/900xp series jet business aircraft, air King 350 and air king B200 turboprop aircraft. The delivery of Haoke 4000 to China will begin in the first quarter of 2010

Mr. Vick, executive vice president of Haoke beach, said, "we have always seen the strength of the Asian market and are looking forward to providing customers in China with this advanced and luxurious super medium business aircraft. With its excellent flight performance, spacious cabin and world-class avionics system, Haoke 4000 is undoubtedly the best choice for super medium business aircraft."

in addition to China, Haoke 4000 has obtained certificates from Bermuda group, Honduras, India, the British territory of man, New Zealand, Nigeria, South Africa, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and the United States

Haoke 4000 has the best runway performance in the super medium business aircraft class. Its takeoff runway length (under the conditions of international standard atmosphere, sea level and maximum takeoff weight) is only 5169 feet (1576 meters). The climb rate of Haoke 4000 is also very excellent. It takes only 14 minutes to climb from sea level to 37, 000 feet. Once reaching this altitude, the Haoke 4000 can quickly accelerate to the maximum cruise speed of Mach 0.84 (896 km/h). The pw308a engine of Pratt Whitney Canada has a static thrust of 6900 pounds (30.7 KN) per engine, and the advanced wing design gives the Haoke 4000 outstanding high-temperature plateau performance

machine 1 some standards are also formulated for the first time in the world; 3. The standard content is scientific and reasonable. The cabin height of Haoke 4000 with composite materials is 6 feet (1.83 meters) and the width is 6 feet 5.5 inches (1.97 meters). The luggage compartment space is 88.5 cubic feet (900 pounds), which is accessible from the external hatch on the ground and from the cabin in flight. The cabin equipped with eight luxury executive seats adopts a standard double Club layout, as well as a wide range of interior materials such as fabric, leather and wood for users to personalize

the first-class Honeywell Primus epic avionics system provides a higher sense of posture for the Haoke 4000. 2. Large trip of Jinan experimental aircraft factory Due to the large deformation of the experimental products when changing, especially the latex products, the elongation may be as high as more than 1000% Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the gripper has enough travel before the test sample breaks The flight management system is monitored by the real-time system. Haoke 4000 adopts two sets of IRS (inertial navigation system) and automatic valve, which can freely fly across continents, with a maximum range of 6300 kilometers. The avionics system is fully integrated, and the advanced composite materials make the fuselage light in weight and few parts, which improves the reliability and reduces the life cycle cost

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