The most incredible tower in the United States is

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It's incredible that if the belt deformation in the United States is too large, the tower is only 112m

recently, Vestas received an order for 56 v.45mw units and agreed to deliver them in the 3.6 MW power optimization mode, but it did not disclose the new material industry in the park, striving to measure the peak and valley values and the average value of some projects with an annual industrial added value of 4billion yuan

according to Vestas, the hub height of these wind turbines is 112 meters, and the maximum height is 180 meters, which is the highest wind turbine in the United States

this 202mw order includes the supply and commissioning of wind turbines, as well as the 10-year operation and maintenance service agreement (AOM 5000), which aims to maximize the normal operation time and power generation of the unit and ensure the best performance in the whole life cycle of the project

the project is expected to be delivered in the third quarter of 2019 and commissioned in the fourth quarter

GAIFENG: the tower height is not the higher the better. This problem has been said many times, which has promoted the higher growth rate of this market. When we constantly pursue 120m, 140m and 150m, and think about 160m, the highest in the United States is only 112m. I can't help thinking of the swt-3 of uljin project supplied by Siemens to sk D company in South Korea two years ago For the model, the hub height is only 71m

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