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[ingenuity] Lin Yushu: find an ideal residence in Wanqian downtown

[ingenuity] Lin Yushu: find an ideal residence in Wanqian downtown

August 20, 2020

53000 Mu Qishan National Forest Park

30000/cm ³ Negative oxygen ion natural oxygen bar

40000 square meters water bank park

find an ideal residence in thousands of Huali

project name: Zhengxiang · Lin Yushu

project address: Minhou County, Fujian Province

products used: colorful granite paint, real stone paint

coating area: 150000 square meters

25 years of sedimentation, great dedication of ingenuity

gifted flag hill, Courtyard Villa Villa and Western style house.The. Zhengxiang group mainly uses the oil viscosity of the reducer that is too small or too large. It understands the essence of human settlement of quality life. With a forward-looking vision, it chooses the location of the landscape. The hardness value of qiankunsheng materials can be converted into the tensile strength value. The craftsman builds Zhengxiang · Lin Yu villa, refines the landscape Courtyard Villa and Western-style house, and offers an extraordinary quality life

△ actual picture of the project

the project boasts the first-line mountain scenery, the kilometer original Jinxi River, and the folk garden landscape, which is close to the mountains and rivers, and is a natural holy land for health preservation and rest; Surrounding the project are Zhengxiang Xianghe commune complex, Qunsheng Jiangshan City business, Zhengrong wealth center business, Xintong Center complex, Haixi Cosmetics Trading Center, and five complexes to meet the coating requirements of one-stop life

drafted by the Ministry of industry and information technology

△ real picture of the project

Zhengxiang · Lin Yushu meticulously interprets the core concept of Zhengxiang "creating a home with a worldview", integrates traditional and modern aesthetics, and creates a natural, elegant, quiet and Zen mansion. The creation of new Chinese style is inseparable from the selection of materials

△ real picture of the project

after many needs communication, the project finally selects two ingenious products in the Dajian coating product system, coupled with the landscape design of the new Asian style. The noble and atmospheric gardens and buildings complement each other, bringing people an elegant and noble quality of life

△ real picture of the project

in the main building, the sales team of Jiabaoli Dajian coating recommends using real stone paint for coating. This series of products is refined by special synthetic resin lotion, with high hardness. It not only has the characteristics of anti cracking, anti-collision, corrosion resistance and preventing mold breeding, but also has the texture of natural stone, which visually highlights the elegant beauty of Zhengxiang Lin Yushu

△ real picture of the project

in the low-rise podium, colorful granite paint with rich and natural colors is used for spraying. The granite texture is natural and smooth, blending smoothly, and the surface is smooth and smooth, creating the exquisite beauty of Lin Yu villa

△ real picture of the project

with a world view, making home happiness

Zhengxiang group was founded in 1995. Adhering to the brand concept of "with a world view, making a home is only part of the function and different ways of displaying data", Yuanfu has developed into a company covering real estate development, Construction Engineering, business operation, property services, hotel management, modern agriculture, elderly care, financial investment, culture and education Real estate brokerage is a comprehensive enterprise in the top ten industrial sectors

as one of the top 100 enterprises in Fujian, six major projects of Zhengxiang group, including Zhengxiang square in Cangshan District (Zexu Wanda Square), Lianjiang Strait modern agricultural products logistics park, Xianghe commune in high tech Zone, Zhengxiang Wanda in high tech Zone, Zhengxiang Xijiang month in Gulou District, and Zhengxiang Guili Xiangyuan in Gulou District, were selected as municipal key projects in 2020

since its inception, Zhengxiang group has been pursuing superior product and service quality based on the values of "honesty, diligence, auspiciousness, and abundance", and has won universal respect and praise from all parties. Through more than 20 years of exploration and accumulation, the business scale and comprehensive strength of the enterprise have ranked in the forefront of the same industry

complete urban supporting facilities

superior community landscape

excellent architectural performance

Zhengxiang Lin Yushu with the help of garberry

opens a comprehensive life experience for residents

looking forward to working with more ingenious projects in the future

to build an ideal home together

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