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Innovation is good, dare to be the first, ZhuoBao technology will bring high-quality waterproof system to 2020 China waterproof exhibition

innovation is good, dare to be the first, ZhuoBao technology will bring high-quality waterproof system to 2020 China waterproof exhibition, wearing strip is PVC rigid plastic insulation strip, coating,

innovation is good, dare to be the first, ZhuoBao technology will bring high-quality waterproof system to 2020 China waterproof exhibition

October 27, 2020

October, 2020 China International roofing and building waterproofing technology exhibition will be held in Beijing National Convention Center. At the 20th anniversary of the founding of ZhuoBao technology, ZhuoBao technology will bring its high-quality waterproof system to the exhibition, display the innovative changes and technological achievements made in promoting the high-quality development of the industry in the past 20 years, provide the industry with green and energy-saving waterproof system solutions, and contribute non leakage waterproof projects to the society

ZhuoBao City, exhibition of high-quality waterproof system

at this exhibition, ZhuoBao technology will build a "ZhuoBao city" on a 156 square meter booth, which applies cement elements to bring green and energy-saving waterproof products, and provide a more powerful guarantee and solution coating for green buildings

ZhuoBao's booth will display its high-quality product system, two national key new products, and the self-adhesive waterproof coiled material system focusing on engineering waterproof, which is a kind of test column we often do. Tu Wuyou, which focuses on home decoration waterproof, is widely used in elastic yellow production and manufacturing enterprises and the system products of utilization units, as well as s-clf strong cross laminated self-adhesive waterproof coiled material, which has won the national building materials industry technological innovation award. In terms of waterproof system, the waterproof service system of "Tieyi + tuyi" and the integrated waterproof and thermal insulation system of "waixi" are combined to provide systematic waterproof solutions. It can be said that in this waterproof exhibition, ZhuoBao's booth covers the most representative waterproof products of ZhuoBao

in addition, at the exhibition site, the performance and advantages of the system after many customers bought the manhole cover pressure testing machine will be fully displayed in various forms, such as product samples, product walls, node models, animation videos, etc., so as to enhance the customers' sense of on-site experience

online cloud exhibition, offline interaction, multi-dimensional participation in waterproof exhibition

this waterproof exhibition will realize the integration of offline and online exhibition. ZhuoBao technology will also make use of online platforms and offline activities to provide customers with a better participation experience

open the online cloud exhibition platform and search for the booth information of ZhuoBao technology; Visit ZhuoBao booth in person, participate in interesting interactive activities, and win exquisite gifts

spoilers a wave of on-site activities

grasp new opportunities and meet the new future

as the first offline major economic and trade activity in China's waterproof industry since the epidemic this year, this exhibition has attracted extensive attention from the industry and relevant people. The exhibition is expected to cover an area of 25000 square meters, and more than 260 exhibitors will display more than 800 kinds of the latest waterproof products and systems, covering the whole industry chain of the waterproof industry

concurrent activities of the waterproof exhibition

anti epidemic commendation activities in the building waterproof industry

Planning for the "14th five year plan" - standard preparation press conference

2020 China waterproof exhibition excellent new product licensing

large-scale on-site construction demonstration

old community reconstruction waterproof technology forum

underground space waterproof technology forum

special seminar for certified architects

new products, new technologies New process press conference

building waterproof construction technology seminar

continuing education and training of registered trainers in the waterproof industry

China real estate and waterproof industry cooperation and development conference

building waterproof industry supply and demand docking conference

nearly 50 technical seminars, demonstrations, releases and live broadcasts

ZhuoBao technology wishes 2020 China waterproof exhibition a complete success! It is hoped that this exhibition will show the society the remarkable achievements made in the epidemic prevention and control, resumption of work and production and industry development of the waterproof industry, present the overall style of the waterproof industry in the post epidemic period, daring to face difficulties and constantly achieving breakthroughs, and help enterprises grasp new opportunities and meet the new future

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