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Alibaba's first "customer service county" landed in Xunwu County, Jiangxi Province, and the income of Hakka girls returning home doubled

China new Ganzhou, June 12 (Wang Jian) on the 11th, he Lina, a Hakka girl from Xunwu County, Jiangxi Province, was busy learning customer service expertise and accessing real consumers for on-site exercises. She didn't expect that one day only large manufacturers can do this. She will become an e-commerce ecological customer service waiter. She is still in an important period of strategic opportunities for development. She can not only work at home, but also get more than twice the local income level after becoming a full-time worker

in May this year, the first customer service County of Alibaba group customer experience business group in China landed in Xunwu County, a remote county at the junction of Jiangxi, Fujian and Guangdong provinces. Yangyongfei, the county magistrate, is particularly excited. He hopes to build Xunwu into the first county for customer service

if you can take care of your parents, your children will not become left behind children.

the satellite has no problem running in space for half a year.

Alibaba launched its first customer service County in China. Yang Yongfei, the head of Xunwu County in Jiangxi Province, hopes to drive Xunwu e-commerce ecosystem. When it comes to returning home, he Lina said: I'm afraid my son wants to be raised but my parents don't wait. If I can take care of my parents at home, my children won't become left behind children. He Lina has a seemingly unreachable dream to find a job that can not only earn money to support her family, but also take care of her children and realize her self-worth

I never thought that my dream job really came to my door. In mid May, Xunwu County released the recruitment training of ecological customer service at the official station of the government. After passing the training, Xunwu County joined the customer experience center of government enterprise cooperation. He Lina excitedly signed up. After becoming a full-time worker, her salary was twice our income

Hakka people seem to have the inherent advantage of being customer service. Most of us in Xunwu are Hakka people. Hakka people never worry about awkward chat. I am a typical example. In the past few days of training, he Lina and the students of Xunwu class 1 soon became one after 95. Well educated Baoma students like her account for more than 70% of Xunwu class 1

the number of interview places is full, and more than 90% of the students have college degree or above.

under the guidance of the tutor, the vast majority of students can provide solutions that satisfy consumers. According to the statistical data of Xunwu County, the annual disposable income of Xunwu cities and towns in 2019 was 28493 yuan, and the annual disposable income of rural residents was 11872 yuan. Knowing that the customer service county is located in their hometown, and the treatment of customer service is far higher than the local average level, the young people in Xunwu spread word of mouth that some people rushed back to Xunwu from Shenzhen and other working places

hundreds of interview places were full in a few days. Among the students who passed the first interview, more than 90% had a college degree or above, which was better than the average level of talent structure in the domestic customer service industry. Alibaba service resource expert Lin Zhenhua introduced

what excited Xunwu class 1 students was that during the 42 day training, Alibaba sent professional trainers to teach customer service expertise and corporate culture

he Lina finally bid farewell to her status as a housewife. In the future, she can not only make money to support her family, but also bring children, spend money and pay back her credit card! In the tide of customer service County, what he Lina pursues is not only a job, but also the realization of self-worth

outside the classroom of Xunwu class 1, there are young people running from dozens of kilometers away to ask for classes. For the sake of data security, vocational school teacher chenjianchun is responsible for stopping them. People keep asking when to start the second phase of registration and whether other places in Jiangxi can do it

the customer service county model of Xunwu will be replicated in Chongqing, Henan and Zhejiang.

yangyongfei, the head of Xunwu County, pointed out that the construction of a nationally famous customer service industry center in Xunwu is conducive to enabling returning youth to solve employment on the spot and become new farmers with digital capabilities, which is expected to drive the upward trend of Xunwu agricultural products; It is also conducive to promoting the solution of a series of social problems such as 993861

this is a starting point. We will replicate the Xunwu customer service county model in Jiangxi, Chongqing, Henan, Zhejiang and other provinces. In the future, it will take three years to cultivate 300000 Alibaba soft army ecological talents. Said Wang Lei, director of the resource operation management department of Alibaba Group's customer experience business group

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