The first CTP production line in Northeast China w

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The first CTP production line in Northeast China will be built in Shen Kaijian

"we used to believe that this cooperation can let users experience a closer and smoother CAE simulation process business enterprise. After settling in the industrial park, we will change to a production-oriented enterprise, and become the first enterprise in Northeast China to have a CTP (a printing plate technology) production line." Said Liu Yuwen, general manager of Shenyang Longhua packaging materials Co., Ltd

provide preferential policies for enterprises

Liaoning modern media culture industrial park focused on the investment promotion work for the printing industry and talent training base in the early stage, but all leading industries showed a momentum of development, and 25 printing enterprises have been determined to enter the park. The project of Liaoning modern media college has also been determined, and publishing and distribution enterprises have begun to enter the park, An animation production project with a total investment of 20.7 billion yuan (including foreign investment of 20million US dollars) has been launched

"we provide many preferential policies for enterprises settling in the industrial park, and implement a low rent policy for small and medium-sized enterprises, which greatly reduces the cost of enterprises." Lian Maojun, director of the Management Committee of Shenyang Hushitai Development Zone, said

no longer rely on Southern Technology

Shenyang Longhua packaging materials Co., Ltd. is one of the enterprises that signed a contract with the industrial park and will invest 60million yuan to build plants and other facilities in the industrial park

Shenyang Longhua packaging materials Co., Ltd. will build the first CTP production line in Northeast China. CTP production line mainly produces CTP packaging. For example, the packaging bag of instant noodles, if laymen have this paragraph, people see that there is only one package. In fact, the packaging bag is composed of inner and outer films, and the inner film is produced by CTP production line. Such packaging in Northeast China has always relied on the technology of the south

"the difficulty in building CTP production line is that after using 8-cavity mold in continuous extrusion process to produce complex parts, the cost of enterprise packaging products will be reduced a lot, and the sales volume may be increased." Manager Liu said

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