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The maximum subsidy is 5million! Dongguan's first digital industry support policy was released

on June 17, Dongguan's first digital industry support policy was officially released. At the same time, Songshan Lake Everbright we Valley, as the pilot park of Dongguan digital industry agglomeration, and the Dongguan software incubation base jointly built by Dongguan Software Industry Association, was officially unveiled

in order to adapt to the development situation of the digital economy era and promote the popularization and application of new information technology, Dongguan Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology recently issued the "detailed rules for the implementation of special projects for information development of Dongguan industrial and information technology special funds", and launched a series of real gold and silver policies to boost the development of relevant enterprises. At the 2020 Dongguan digital industry policy propaganda and Everbright we Valley digital industry cluster conference held on the 17th, Wang Sen, chief of the information industry and software section of the Dongguan Bureau of industry and information technology, explained in detail how to use this treasure book for enterprises

according to the introduction, the supporting policy includes two supply side policies and five demand side policies. Supply side policies include software and information technology service industry development projects and big data platform projects, while demand side policies include cloud platform service coupons, industrial interconnection benchmarking demonstration projects, industrial interconnection demonstration projects. The Ministry of science and technology has set up a major research and development project of material genome, a fusion application project composed of host and electrical measurement and control system, and a 5g fusion application project

among them, the subsidy for 5g integrated application project is a highlight of this policy release. In the field of 5g+ industrial interconnection, Dongguan reviews and recognizes 5g+ industrial interconnection projects by means of pre warehousing, in-process evaluation and post acceptance, and grants the construction unit a subsidy of no more than 25% of the total investment after accounting, with a maximum subsidy of 5million yuan for a single project; In the field of 5g+ social application, the maximum subsidy for a single project is 3million yuan

at present, enterprises settled in the two digital industry agglomeration pilot parks in Dongguan will be given stepped rent subsidies for three consecutive years. Wang Sen said that there are also certain rewards for enterprises that enter the pilot park and produce incremental local contributions to open up the workbench

Dongguan software incubation base was officially unveiled on the same day. In January this year, Everbright we valley was awarded the first batch of digital industrial agglomeration pilot parks in Dongguan. It is also a giant in the automotive field of Songshan Huwei. Mercedes Benz, BMW and Audi are the bright pearl of German manufacturing, a digital industrial agglomeration pilot park. In order to further create the digital industry ecosystem of the park, the park cooperates with Dongguan software industry association to jointly build Dongguan software incubation base

according to Liu Weiquan, general manager of Everbright industry group, in recent years, Everbright we Valley has highlighted the benefits of industrial agglomeration of digital economy by combining its own industrial positioning and resource integration layout, focusing on the core industries, related industries and integrated industries of digital economy, and relying on Dongguan intelligent manufacturing system service agglomeration base, Dongguan virtual reality industry base and intelligent terminal products industry base

up to now, more than 400 enterprises have settled in the park. Among them, there are more than 100 enterprises related to digital industries such as software development, software service outsourcing, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, VR, e-commerce, including goer, ChinaSoft international, softcom power, Yibao software, Huawei software, etc., with more than 4000 relevant technicians. The whole cluster presents a gradient distribution of leading enterprises, medium-sized enterprises, small enterprises and minimally invasive enterprises

a digital economy enterprise settlement ceremony was held at the event site. Weihuawen, general manager of Everbright we Valley Industrial Park, said: next, Everbright we valley will make good use of the government's policies in the digital industry, and issue relevant preferential measures in the park. On this basis, enterprises that receive government rent subsidies will be given extra subsidies at a certain proportion

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