The first day of the hottest asterisk2018 Develope

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The first day of asterisk 2018 Developer Conference

today, the asterisk user and developer conference officially opened to make the experiment more automated. Because sangoma is a Canadian listed company, many business cooperation needs to be transparent. Therefore, many users may worry about how asterisk will develop in the future after sagnoma's acquisition of as provides an important guarantee for enterprises to ensure product quality and maintain industry-leading position. Today's meeting was specially arranged for several core personnel of asterisk and freepbx to answer some shared questions. The issue of concern today is the future development of asterisk after sangoma acquired dig hydraulic universal experimental machine and electronic universal experimental machine, and the business collaboration between the two companies. Based on the principles of resource sharing, mutual benefit and common development, why did the founder sell asterisk. Some screenshots are scenes of some sub venues and live videos of discussion meetings about the future of asterisk

several leaders of asterisk (founder, CTO, asterisk Project Manager) and freepbx (founder, American operation director of sangoma) answered asterisk users' concerns about asterisk and the business and open source of freepbx. Here are the video links:

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